Spammers prefer Trump over Clinton, but are rapidly losing faith in Trump

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Whatever difficulties Donald Trump may be having with white college-educated women, African Americans, Latinos, hawkish conservatives and the co-hosts of “Morning Joe,” he’s far and away the favorite presidential candidate of at least one demographic group: spammers.

However, he seems to have lost significant support among that group as well.

These conclusions are drawn from a year’s worth of data assembled by Network World Test Alliance member Joel Snyder, a senior partner at Opus One in Tucson, Ariz. Opus One has been testing anti-spam products for more than a decade, and, as the following chart shows, Trump-related spam has dwarfed Clinton-related spam over the past year … only less so as the campaign has worn on.

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“In January, Trump reached 9% of all spam that we received,” says Snyder. “His numbers are down, but compared to Hillary he's definitely ‘winning.’ "

Moreover, Trump-themed spam accounted for 353 unique subject lines, as to only 23 for Clinton. The Trump spam subject lines are focused primarily on “money-making secrets,” while the Clinton spam sticks to politics, presumably as a come-on to phishing sites.

So what might account for the dramatic drop in the volume of Trump spam since January?

“It could be that spammers are discovering that we have Trump fatigue,” Snyder speculates.  “Or it could be just that Trump wasn't as effective at selling illegal crap as they hoped.”

As for the methodology employed by Opus One:

“We take a U.S. corporate mail feed for about 10 days each month and send it off to about 40 anti-spam products (number varies month-to-month) then evaluate the results to see how the different products behave.  As a side effect, we collect a lot of spam, and this trend caught my eye.”

Like a get-rich-quick scheme in a spam filter.

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