New products of the week 10.10.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Juniper and Citrix.


New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


NetScaler VPX 100G

Key features: NetScaler VPX 100G is the industry’s first fully-featured, virtualized ADC that delivers 100 Gigabits per second performance on commodity hardware. More info.

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GreySpark 2.0

Key features: GreySpark leverages existing tools and sensors within an enterprise to measure IT security health and report a simple, up-to-date score reflecting the overall IT risk present in an organization. More info.



Key features: The ePhone7 is the first and only advanced smartphone for the desktop that delivers a mobile user experience with a 7-inch color touchscreen interface, easy access to contacts, presence indication, visual voicemail, one-touch recording, conferencing and more. More info.

intel 2

Intel Building Management Platform (Intel BMP)

Key features: The Intel Building Management Platform allows IoT providers to bring solutions to market faster by offering applications seamless access to connected things and the data they generate within smart buildings. For pricing, check with distributor for specifics. More info.



Key features: KMAX is a hyperconverged server/appliance platform based on ARM 64-bit processors and all-flash storage, enabling high performance density and energy savings. KMAX is available in Server and Appliance editions. More info.


SRX4200 and SRX4100

Key features: The new mid-range SRX4100 and SRX4200 firewalls are optimized for hybrid cloud and enterprise campus environments. They include advanced threat prevention with the ability to detect malicious malware. More info.


ALLOY Platform

Key features: ALLOY offers real-time, rapidly scalable and highly efficient integration and data management capabilities and provides a dynamic, future-ready platform that quickly evolves to accommodate any new incoming data sources, formats and analytics tools. More info.


OutSystems 10

Key features: OutSystems 10 is the first low-code app dev platform with advanced capabilities for enterprise mobile applications. Now, “regular” developers can build the type of secure/scalable apps that have only been achievable by highly skilled software engineers. More info.


MariaDB MaxScale 2.0

Pricing: Based on number of servers managed. Under three servers is free. For additional usage, MaxScale is available with a MariaDB Enterprise subscription.

Key features: New features add real-time data streaming with Kafka, enterprise-grade security and high availability that make it simpler for DevOps to innovate without disrupting data services. More info.


SoftNAS Cloud 3.4.8

Key features: Azure customers using SoftNAS Cloud can now achieve both petabyte scale file storage and the best combination of cost, scale, data protection and high-availability (HA). More info.



Key features: With the launch of the new NetreoCloud, Netreo’s OmniCenter customers can monitor and manage their entire IT ecosystem anywhere anytime via OmniCenter Mobile, a secure app on Android or iOS. More info.


SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

Key features: SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor now features both agentless and agent-based monitoring capabilities for Linux systems, making it ideally suited to help improve the performance and uptime of both Windows- and Linux-based applications within a single console wherever they are deployed—on-premises, whether physical or virtual, or in the cloud. More info.


ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall

Key features: DNS firewall is a cloud-based solution that easily turns any DNS server into a DNS firewall. The service enables automatic blocking or redirection of network communications in accordance with customizable policies. It prevents a broad range of threats including ransomware, drive-by downloads, botnets and other internet risks from activating and doing their dirty work. More info.


Thycotic Privilege Manager for Windows

Key features: Provides the strongest malware protection by enabling organizations to run only those applications that are both required and trustworthy, with the lowest possible privilege and access. More info.


Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365

Key Features: Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365 provides full, automatic protection purpose-built for Microsoft SaaS applications, eliminating the potential loss of data and ideas due to system crashes or accidental deletions. The software provides complete protection for SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive – covering emails, folders, contacts, and more – with unlimited retention.  More info.


20 Amp C19 Power Transfer Switch

Key features: A reliable, effective power redundancy solution for single corded high amp devices. Features four C19 power inlets, dual 20 amp C20 inlets and switching times of eight to 12 msec. More info.


3.1 Mobile Threat Protection Suite

Key features: In partnership with Mi3 Security, version 3.1 evaluates mobile app security/privacy risk on employees' devices, identifies which apps are at risk and triggers security policies to reduce that risk. More info.


Attunity Enterprise Manager

Key features: Integrated with Attunity Replicate, the Enterprise Manager provides central management and monitoring of data ingest from thousands of data sources across many Attunity Replicate servers. More info.


InfiniBox Version 3.0

Key features: InfiniBox flash-optimized storage offers over 1M IOPS, sub-millisecond latency, inline compression, enhanced performance analytics, iSCSI support and scalability to over 5PB of effective capacity in a single 42U rack. More info.


Enterprise Data Cloud

Key features: iguazio’s Enterprise Data Cloud platform delivers 100x faster performance and 10x lower cost for on-premises and hybrid cloud deployments, making it the world’s fastest, simplest and lowest-cost enterprise data cloud. More info.


PSafe Total

Key features: Fully capable Android AV solution that secures mobile devices while boosting their productivity by increasing battery life, clearing space-wasting files, and monitoring CPU temperatures to improve performance and prevent crashes. More info.


WatchGuard Firebox T70

Key features: The Firebox T70 sets a new performance standard for tabletop network security appliances. With speeds over 1Gbps when operating in full UTM mode, customers now get the fast throughput that they want. More info.


Agiloft Contract Management Suite

Pricing: Professional: $65 per user/month; Professional Unlimited: $95 per user/month; Enterprise: $120 per user/month

Key features: Built on an agile platform, Agiloft Contract Management Suite automates the complete contract lifecycle. The Suite includes a centralized, searchable repository with integrated workflows to streamline approval processes. More info.


Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station

Key features: The SX10 next-generation surveying solution merges high-speed 3D scanning, enhanced Trimble VISION imaging technology and high-accuracy total station measurements into familiar field and office workflows for engineering and geospatial professionals. More info.


StackPath SecureCDN

Key features: The SecureCDN solution features a global network of content servers, a web application firewall (WAF) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation that allows developers to seamlessly protect assets from various attacks. More info.

saba 3

Pulse 360

Key features - Saba Pulse 360, part of Saba Cloud, captures, analyzes and delivers continuous insights on employee and company performance, connecting them to talent actions for a more responsive and agile business. More info.

worldprogramming 2

WPS Academic Edition

Key features: The WPS data science platform includes a SAS language compiler with integrated use of R and is ultimately scalable to petabytes of data with minimum compute resources. More info.


Elementum Inventory App

Key features - With the release of the Inventory app, Elementum is maximizing velocity across procurement, logistics, manufacturing, and, with this release, inventory management. More info.

dell iaas

Dell EMC InfoArchive as a Service

Key features: Dell EMC InfoArchive as a Service, a data and content management platform where Dell EMC runs and manages InfoArchive software in the cloud; saving time, reducing cost, simplifying software management. More info.

dell archving

Clinical Archiving 2.0

Key features: Dell EMC Clinical Archiving enables healthcare providers to archive legacy clinical data and to make this available to clinicians though an integrated web application designed specifically for clinicians. More info.


Cloud Service WiFi

Key features: KodaCloud’s service consists of a network of Wi-Fi Access Points (AP) that are shipped directly to customer location, or locations, without the need for a customer to buy equipment or a partner to manage an inventory or shipments. With the use of web-based dashboard, or the use of a smartphone app, a customer or partner can install and activate a Wi-Fi business network in minutes with AP-to-cloud activation using existing LAN and Internet.  More info.

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