Samsung Note7: A phenomenal phablet flame-out timeline

Early positive reviews of Samsung's iPhone rival have given way to negative headlines and a product recall

Samsung Note 7: A tech flame-out timeline

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone's demise has been swift: Introduced in early August, the phablet is now off the market due to it being a fire hazard.

Early reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 phablet were generally positive. Headlines described the latest Apple iPhone 7 rival as a "Pricey phablet made for power users" and "an excellent phone for the high-price market." But batteries that burn too hot and burst into flames have resulted in much less glowing headlines and a full-fledged business disaster for Samsung, which has now issued a recall of both the original and replacement Note7 phones. 

Here's a timeline that captures the brief life of this phone -- though this story probably isn't over by a long shot given the possible legal, business and other fallout likely to come.

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