CloudVelox eases migration of core business apps to the cloud

CEO Raj Dhingra says platform automates cloud migration, easing test/dev, disaster recovery, and optimizing cost.

cloudvelox ceo raj dhingra

It’s easy to get all “cloud first” when you’re talking about new, greenfield applications. But how do you get the core business applications running in your data center – so-called brownfield apps – easily and efficiently migrated to the cloud? That’s the problem startup CloudVelox set out to solve, with the larger mission of helping CIOs build “boundaryless” hybrid data centers. IDG Chief Content Officer John Gallant spoke with CloudVelox CEO Raj Dhingra about how the company has automated the migration of complex, traditional applications to Amazon Web Services (and Microsoft Azure in the near future). Dhingra explained how companies are using CloudVelox’s One Hybrid Cloud platform to not only migrate apps, but to build cloud-based disaster recovery capabilities and simplify a variety of test/dev chores.

You have a long and very successful background in the tech industry. Talk about this opportunity and what CloudVelox set out to do?

The company was founded in late 2010, beginning of 2011 at a time public cloud was gaining interest in the minds of enterprise customers. There were quite a few companies trying to help enterprises and developers build new applications for the cloud. Vendors called them greenfield applications. We all heard companies who were innovators and early adopters talk about cloud first, mobile first, building customer-facing applications that can take advantage of the cloud.

What nobody seemed to have focused on was what about my existing data center applications? Let’s call them our brownfield applications. How can I take advantage of the cloud for my existing brownfield applications that I run in the data center? There are anywhere from 15 million to 80 million VMs running in data centers around the world. What about them? How can I take advantage of that? CloudVelox focused on the brownfield applications and how enterprises can migrate and run those applications in the cloud and how can that be automated.

The secret to cloud computing is automation. You request a service, maybe it’s infrastructure-as-a-service, then you are able to quickly spin it up and pay as you go. In a similar way, how could you automate taking an application that’s running in your data center and then run that in the cloud without having to do a lot of manual script-oriented effort? That was the vision.

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