Float Shelf: An elegant way for Apple users to clean up their desktops

A simple, elegant add-on for your iMac or Apple Display to help you get organized


I love my iMac. There’s something so elegant and practical about the design and, as a result, many companies have attempted to come up with products that fit the Apple aesthetic but, sadly, most fail. Now, way back in 2012 in a roundup of Kickstarter projects I wanted to get my hands on, I covered the Hand Stylus, a beautifully designed pen-style stylus for tablets that is still my favorite tool for drawing on an iPad. Designed by Steve King, the Hand Stylus was the first of a series of products from his company, Prism Designs, and the company’s latest product, the Float Shelf, echoes the whole Apple look and feel as well as being really useful. 


So, what is the Float Shelf for? You know how you wind up with all sorts of devices such as external drives plugged into your iMac that just sit on your desk and get in the way? The Float Shelf clips onto the support stand of iMacs and Apple displays and gets that stuff out of your way by putting it behind your screen . 


Prism sent me a sample a couple of weeks ago and I’m really impressed. Attaching the shelf is simply a matter of sliding it over the stand from above and that’s it. The Float Shelf is solid, elegant, stable, and can support a huge weight.

Prism is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get the Float into production and, as of writing with 39 days to go, it’s already well past its goal of $25,000. 


The Float Shelf will be available for iMacs as well as Apple Thunderbolt and Cinema displays, including:

  • 17", 20" and 21.5" iMacs
  • 24" and 27" iMacs 
  • 27" Thunderbolt displays 
  • 20" and 23" Cinema displays
  • 24", 27" and 30" Cinema displays

Kickstarter pricing starts at $75 for 21.5” iMacs and Cinema displays and goes up to $95 for 27” iMacs. The target shipping date is April 2017 and given that Prism has successfully delivered two previous Kickstarter projects on time (a rare achievement among successful campaigns), I’ll predict that you’ll get the product as and when promised.

The Prism Float Shelf gets a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5.

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