Audio Q&A: 20 years of networked cameras

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Let’s jump into the Cool Tools Time Machine to go back to the year 1996. The Internet, at least on the consumer side of things, was just beginning to take off, and there was a Clinton running for president (well, at least some things stay the same). 

Axis Communications NetEye 200 Axis Communications

Axis Communications NetEye 200, the company's first network-based video camera.

In that year, a company called Axis Communications created its first networked video camera, the NetEye 200, which could transmit video at 1 frame per 17 seconds in normal resolution, or 1 frame per second (fps) in CIF resolution. Since then, resolution and frame rates have gotten much, much better, with current cameras supporting 4K resolution

fredriknilsson axis Axis Communications

In this special audio interview, I had the chance to chat with Fredrik Nilsson, VP, Americas for Axis (left), about the past 20 years, how the market has changed (from a closed-circuit world to the current IP-based platforms), and how cameras can fit into the Internet of Things world (as well as some predictions for the next 20 years. 

Listen to the interview here:

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