Metro Ethernet for business on the move

Can’t you ever get enough bandwidth? It may seem that way when you run up against current constraints, but despair of being able to afford additional capacity. Really, though, what you should be asking is can you get the bandwidth you need, when you need it.

In the past, you really didn’t have much choice. You made calculations based on ongoing needs and figured out whether you could afford something extra for peak capacity.


The future, built on software-driven networks and virtualization, is one of bandwidth on demand, when you need it. AT&T Network on Demand revolutionizes enterprise network services by emulating with software the functions of complex hardware components and servers. Instead of waiting for truck rolls, ultimately you’ll be able to order new services in near real time through an online, self-service portal.

AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand was widely deployed in April 2015 and is currently available in over 170 U.S. cities. Switched Ethernet is a shared network arrangement that provides a low cost easy to build solution. Our on-demand hybrid capability enables the interconnection of existing AT&T Switched Ethernet ports with new on-demand Ethernet ports. This functionality allows a business to bridge two or more previously disparate Ethernet network segments together into a single Ethernet network.

Metro Ethernet Forum recognition

Last year, the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) recognized AT&T’s new Switched Ethernet on Demand service with the MEF 2015 Product Excellence Award for Best Service Innovation in North America; in addition, our flagship Switched Ethernet Service solution received two MEF Product Excellence Awards for Best Healthcare Provider and Best Government Solution. The judging panel for the awards was comprised of global and regional senior analysts from Current Analysis, Frost & Sullivan, IDC, IHS Infonetics, Metanoia, Ovum, SDxCentral, Vertical Systems, and independent judges.

With AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand, organizations can quickly add or change services, order additional sites, ramp up bandwidth capacity and manage the network in real time. Online portals provide full visibility into the network to deploy or change services and scale bandwidth through a user friendly virtual catalog.

Seamless connection

Enterprises are continuing to clamor for more bandwidth as they deal with greater volumes of voice, data, and video traffic. For many, those needs are best answered by Ethernet, which can seamlessly connect the offices of a business whether they are five, 500 or even 5,000 miles apart.

Ethernet access is the fastest growing access technology available today. While Ethernet is a technology and a network in itself, it’s also the gateway to enterprise IP VPNs and the Internet.

With a range of bandwidth and configuration options that reach gigabit speeds, Ethernet services are adapting to meet virtually any challenge. In 2015, AT&T more than doubled its local area Ethernet footprint, and plans to grow another 30 percent by 2020. It’s all part of a journey to becoming an all Ethernet and IP network. For more information, please click here or go to www.att.com/Ethernet for more information.


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