Nyansa gets really, really detailed about user application experience

Voyance+ SaaS offering insights into Wi-Fi calling, Cisco UCM and Microsoft Skype for Business, among other apps and services

Nyansa gets really, really detailed about user application experience

Network analytics services vendor Nyansa has upgraded its offering to enable more granular and actionable user application performance, including across unified communications, software-as-a-service and customer business programs.

Voyance+ correlates application-and network-layer performance, measuring end user application access across Wi-Fi, wired LANs, the internet and user devices themselves. This differs from traditional app performance management tools that are more data center-focused, according to Nyansa Co-founder and CTO Anand Srinivas.  The secret sauce comes in the form of network instrumentation, and not client software, sensors or an overlay network, as well as machine learning algorithms that help IT staff put data into context.

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Nyansa’s service is designed to help IT staffs spot possible performance issues before end users do – an increasing challenge as new applications rely on a distributed network of physical and virtual IP systems. The company cites ZK Research findings that 75% of UC-related problems are reported by end users before IT gets a whiff of the issues. 

The service can also help organizations gauge the impact of network upgrades on application performance and measure how many client-hours are lost and which clients are most affected when an incident occurs, regardless of root cause, Nyansa claims.

Among the hundreds of apps supported by Voyance+ and its new User Application Analytics capabilities are Wi-Fi calling, Cisco UCM and Microsoft Skype for Business

Voyance+, offered on a subscription model, starts at $18K per year and Voyance+ starts at $27K per year. Existing Voyance customers are grandfathered into the Voyance+ features under their current pricing. Educational organizations get a 25% break on pricing, too.

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