Ixia’s Flex Tap Secure+ protects against injection breaches

This new network tap will be of value on networks running bandwidth-intensive, mission-critical applications that need to be secure

Ixia’s Flex Tap Secure+ protects against injection breaches

We’ve probably all used the phrase “too much of anything is a bad thing.” Too much ice cream makes you fat, too many cats and you get called crazy, and too much NFL football on Sunday gets you banned to the doghouse by your wife. 

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In IT, too much network traffic is certainly a bad thing. We need networks and rely on them to access cloud applications, call people on via videoconferencing and do a whole bunch of other tasks. However, too much traffic and the network becomes unusable and a source of frustration for workers. 

There are plenty of reasons why a flood of traffic may occur. Maybe it’s March Madness and everyone in the office is streaming live video to keep tabs on his or her brackets. Perhaps there’s a denial of service attack that hit the company network. Or, and this is the case far too often, something happened in network operations to self-inflict the traffic flood. 

Flex Tap Secure+ prevents accidental and intentional traffic floods 

Earlier this week Ixia announced a solution that can help prevent the accidental or malicious injection of data into the company network. Most know Ixia as the technology and market leader in the network testing space but the company has assembled robust security and visibility solutions as well. 

Ixia’s Flex Tap Secure+ is the company’s latest addition to its line of network taps, but it is unique in that it helps prevent the unintentional or intentional injection of massive amounts of data into a production network to increase the level of security while also minimizing the risk of data corruption. Network taps are still widely used for managing networks, and this particular one will be of value on networks running bandwidth-intensive, mission-critical applications that need to be secure, such as financial services, healthcare and government. 

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Ixia’s Flex Tap Secure+

Taps are certainly a critical component of monitoring a network, but there are situations that can result in the disruption of a production network or data being corrupted. For example, a hacker could gain entry into an unsecured data center, hack into a traditional fiber tap and gain entry into the network to steal or corrupt data. 

Alternatively, a network engineer could accidentally connect a passive tap to an output port on a monitoring tool, injecting live data back into the network. Misconfigured tools can also send large amounts of data back into a live network. If the application is a bandwidth-intensive one, such as high-frequency trading or lawful intercept, this could cripple the service. 

How Flex Tap Secure+ works

Flex Tap Secure+ uses optical technology to block all incoming light on the monitoring ports to neutralize the above scenarios. If there is any attempt to send traffic back into the network, the tap will drop the packets, averting any harm. 

Flex Tap Secure+ is 100 percent passive and supports network speeds up to 100 Gig-E, so customers can use these today and keep using them as data centers evolve. Although this tap has some unique capabilities, it utilizes Ixia’s standard Flex Tap rack mount so customers can mix and match this product with other Ixia taps. 

Customers that need the extra layer of security or want to minimize unintended downtime should consider adding the Flex Tap Secure+ into their environment. This unique product protects the network while enabling 100 percent visibility across the network.

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