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IT Resume Makeover: Highlighting business and technology leadership

In’s latest installment in the Resume Makeover series, career expert Laura Smith-Proulx, helps a CIO tackle his extensive -- and impressive -- background to build an engaging three-page resume.

Not everyone has a typical career trajectory where titles, skills and promotions all line up into a neat, concise story. That was the case with Keith Evans. He held varying CIO roles with the same company and had skills that set him apart from other CIOs, which caused some confusion and resulted in a dense resume. Laura Smith-Proulx, career and resume expert, knew that the goal with re-writing Evan's resume was to organize the existing information to build a clear picture of his extensive skills and experience as a CIO.

Evans knew he had the right information on his resume, and Smith-Proulx agreed with that, but he was having trouble laying out that information in a way that engaged the reader. It can be difficult for anyone to write a resume that builds an attention-grabbing story around skills and job titles, while balancing it with a professional tone. Smith-Proulx was up for the challenge.

Getting past two pages

There's a common misconception that resumes should never be more than one or two pages in order to keep a hiring manager's attention. But that's not always the case, says Smith-Proulx, especially as you advance further into your career. She found that Evans resume was not only two pages long, but that he had used a smaller font to keep it from spilling over onto a third page.

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