Inside a hyperscale data center (how different is it?) took a tour of Microsoft’s hyperscale data center in Quincy, Washington. What we saw shows how far cloud data centers have come in a decade.

Traditional data center - Microsoft

A hyperscale cloud data center looks different from an enterprise data center, or even a large hosting provider. The problems they face are different from the problems you face. And your approach to everything from how you choose a site to how you manage power to how long you keep servers is not their approach.

Microsoft recently gave a tour of its Quincy, Washington facility, as part of the first group of journalists to see inside an Azure data center in a decade, and there were plenty of restrictions: no photographs or recordings and no information that would compromise the security of the facility (the images here were supplied by Microsoft).

Here are some of the significant differences to think about if you’re considering a hybrid cloud that involves you running Azure Stack or a hyperconverged infrastructure:

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