New products of the week 11.7.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Symantec and HPE.

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Ruckus Cloudpath ES 5.0

Pricing: based on total number of users and is available in 1/3/5 year subscriptions ranging from: $1.50/user for Education on-prem subscription; $1.70/user for Education cloud subscription; $5.00/user for Education on-prem subscription; $5.80/user for Education cloud subscription

Key features: Cloudpath ES 5.0, a complete integrated security and policy management platform, enables IT organizations of any size to easily establish secure, policy-based access for wired and wireless devices. More info.


The Apcera Container Management Platform

Key features: Apcera is the first container management platform that can deploy, orchestrate and govern cloud-native as well as legacy applications across on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments. Platform enhancements include expanded integrations to further support Amazon ECR, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure. More info.


ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence 8.8

Key features: ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence 8.8 updates ASG’s data intelligence solution with proactive notification features, offering ongoing visibility and change management of the origin, transformation and quality of corporate data elements. More info.


Cape Sensor and Dashboard

Key features: Cape is the simplest way to monitor WiFi quality. Cape Sensors test your WiFi and apps 24/7. Notifications and dashboards alert you to issues and help you troubleshoot. More info.


Ubuntu 16.10

Key features: The latest version of Ubuntu enables hybrid cloud operations, bare-metal cloud performance, enterprise-grade container support including Kubernetes, and telco-grade networking latency enhancements. Ubuntu 16.10 also features a developer preview of Unity 8, Canonical’s device convergence vision. More info.

cluster flii


Pricing: available as an Apache 2.0 open source download

Key features: Fli is like Git for data. With Fli you can copy, branch, push and pull your data volumes. Fli is the CLI for FlockerHub. More info.

cluster flocker


Key features: FlockerHub is like GitHub for data. Just like GitHub allows you to store, share and organize code, FlockerHub allows for storing, sharing and organizing Docker data volumes. Works with Fli. More info.


Datto Ransomware Detection

Key features: Datto Ransomware Detection is enterprise-class ransomware protection for SMBs. It works on all of Datto’s appliances and cloud, performing daily backups to help protect against and rollback from ransomware attacks. More info.


Datawatch Monarch for Tableau

Key features: Datawatch Monarch for Tableau is a customized, self-service data preparation solution allowing users to quickly access, manipulate and blend the widest variety of data for analysis and visualization in Tableau. More info.


Distil Networks High-Def Device Fingerprinting Solution

Key features: The bot mitigation industry’s first hi-def fingerprinting solution enables unprecedented certainty and precision in responding to web security threats, by minimizing false positives and clarifying visibility into web traffic. More info.


DomainTools PhishEye

Key features – PhishEye is a simple yet effective security solution that helps organizations prevent phishing attacks before they happen. It is powered by DomainTools' domain name discovery and profiling systems. More info.


Druva inSync

Key features: With Druva inSync, Salesforce admins will now have direct access to a unified data protection platform from within Salesforce to backup, archive, manage and view their data for availability, litigation and compliance purposes. More info.



Key features: ETERNUS AF models combine the benefits of high-performance, all-flash storage with a proven set of enterprise-class capabilities – features like Automated QoS, transparent failover, and data reduction capabilities. More info.

ibm 2


Key features: Database software DB2 enables users to uncover value and gain real team insights from their data analysis. The new DB2 features incorporates hybrid transactional analytical processing (HTAP), allowing analytics and transactions to run on the same database without compromising performance. More info.


HPE XP7 Storage

Pricing: Gen 2 XP7 controllers start at $20,800. 7TB and 14TB FMDs are available at $22,200. Software-based compression and deduplication cost $11,600 per XP7 frame.

Key features: 60% greater performance (up to 4.8 million IOPS) to support large, mission-critical applications and large-scale consolidation. Improved all-flash affordability at $1.20 per usable GB. Greater density with new 14TB flash module devices (FMDs), which also support hardware-accelerated inline data compression. More info.


Interset 5 Security Analytics

Key features: Security Analytics platform expands use case coverage with new data source integrations such as Linux servers and 100+ advanced analytic models, along with a new security operations-centric user interface. More info.


NIOS 8.0

Key features: Infoblox offers actionable network intelligence to control and secure the enterprise network from its core. NIOS 8.0 software elevates network intelligence, improving user experience and enhancing network management efficiency. More info.


Nuxeo Android Mobile App

Key features: Users can browse content by viewing thumbnails of digital assets including media files, text documents, PDFs, and more. Additionally users can preview content, mark favorites, search and create collections. More info.


Edge Office

Key features: Simple, affordable hyperconverged infrastructure solution that provides highly efficient, resilient compute and storage solution to support mix of SMB and ROBO application workloads. More info.



Key features: Unity now offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, and web-apps for laptops and desktops, ensuring users can access and share data conveniently, while benefiting from enterprise performance, scalability, and security. More info.


Netskope Active Platform with Netskope Threat Protection

Key features: The Netskope Active Platform with Netskope Threat Protection includes ransomware detection and recovery capabilities that enables customers to scan sanctioned cloud services for unauthorized encryption and quickly remediate the effects of attacks. More info.


OpsDataStore 1.2

Key features: New technical relationships with Intel and ExtraHop, and innovations to its platform for data-driven IT operations enables OpsDataStore customers to improve the performance and reliability of business critical online systems. More info.


onQ 4.0

Key features: onQ 4.0 represents next generation backup and recovery with an all new storage architecture that delivers twice the performance of previous versions. It also features a new Management console. More info.


AltitudeCDN Altimeter

Key features: AltitudeCDN Altimeter is the first global management interface for next-generation multicast provisioning. Manage live streaming video over multiple channels, sources and sites - from a single location, simply and centrally. More info.


Rollout Swift

Key features: Rollout is the first and only solution for iOS that allows app developers to deploy code-level changes to live native Swift apps in order to fix bugs and deploy code patches instantly. More info.


RiskIQ PassiveTotal

Key features – PassiveTotal allows security teams to quickly investigate cyber threats using the most comprehensive data sets and intelligence available. The platform provides automated correlation, proactive alerts, SIEM integrations, and API access. More info.


SolarWinds Virtualization Manager 7

Key features: continuously evaluates environments and workload patterns; recommends actions to fix and prevent issues; and, after confirmation by an administrator, applies fixes immediately or allows them to be scheduled for a more convenient time. More info.



Key features: ID+ is a RESTful API service that takes input PII, checks it against the Socure Social Biometrics Platform (AI over trusted online/offline/social media data), and returns assessments of authenticity, risk, and fraud. More info.

spiceworks internet

Spiceworks Internet Outage Heatmap

Key features: Spiceworks Internet Outage Heatmap pinpoints geographically where an internet outage or service interruption exists and assigns colors to show various levels of latency in regions across the globe. The heatmap, based on anonymized crowdsourced data from IT professionals in Spiceworks, identifies the scope and severity of an ISP outage by revealing if other organizations in a specified area are also experiencing outages. More info.


Symantec Endpoint Protection 14

Pricing: 1 license is $54.18; 5 licenses are $270.90; 20 licenses are $1,083.60

Key features: Powered by artificial intelligence on the endpoint and in the cloud, Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 is the industry’s first solution to fuse essential endpoint technologies with advanced machine learning and memory exploit mitigation in a single agent, delivering a multi-layered solution able to stop advanced threats and respond at the endpoint regardless of how the attack is launched. More info.

spiceworks traceroute

Spiceworks Traceroute

Key features: Spiceworks Traceroute details the internet connectivity path between a device and a specified endpoint, such as a server, application, cloud provider, or internet service provider (ISP). This enables IT professionals to troubleshoot latency issues and identify where a connection is slow or broken. More info.


Telit WE/HE922-3GR Hybrid IoT Modules

Key features: The Telit HE922-3GR and WE922-3GR are the world’s first hybrid IoT modules that combine 3G Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GNSS into a single package integrated with the Intel Atom x3 SoC processing technology. More info.

syncsort 2

Syncsort Ironstream Module for Splunk ITSI

Key features: Syncsort’s Ironstream Module allows Splunk-ITSI users real-time health check/insights into critical performance indicators delivering better response time, more reliable services and visibility into the entire transaction path, including mainframe data. More info.


Trimble TX8 3D Laser Scanning Solution

Key features: The TX8 is designed best-in-class for geospatial professionals that require enhanced versatility and longer ranges to effectively support a variety of applications in urban environments, civil infrastructures and challenging terrains. More info.


UniFi AC Mesh AP (UAP-AC-M) and UniFi AC Mesh Pro AP (UAP-AC-M-PRO)

Key features: a powerful multi-hop, self-healing mesh product line that now greatly expands the application use of Ubiquiti’s industry leading software-defined-networking (SDN) platform. More info.


XebiaLabs XL Release and XL Deploy version 6

Key features: This new version introduces multi-functional release folders and flexible release tags to increase manageability and scalability, as well as intelligent dashboards that improve visibility into release pipelines and facilitate compliance. More info.


Advanced OOB Site Manager for 240V AC

Key features: A powerful assortment of essential out-of-band management tools.  Remote power reboot control, console port access, outlet current monitoring, plus dual 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports, integrated ATS and onboard modem. More info.


XenData SXL-8500

Key features: XenData’s new SXL-8500 archive systems offer 462 TB of near-line LTO capacity, and are ideal for organizations looking to capture large amounts of creative video content or surveillance video footage. More info.


Stonesoft 6.1

Key features: Stonesoft 6.1 firewall/IPS software provides mission-critical security, high availability, and centralized management. It gives organizations visibility and control to transform their business across campuses, remote offices and into the cloud. More info.

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