Why scripts are better than politicians

scripts vs politicians
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The day that we've all been waiting for or waiting to get beyond is now upon us. As one of the most contentious political elections ever crashes to a close, it's time to think like the techies we are. So, here are some reasons why scripts are so much better and often more reliable than politicians.

  1. You have a lot of control over how much your script ends up being able to do
  2. If you like a script, you can keep it for more than 8 years
  3. Other countries won't laugh behind your back because of your scripts
  4. People on social media won't de-friend you because of your scripts
  5. Scripts won't ask you to take an endless parade of surveys or ask for contributions
  6. Your favorite TV shows won't get interrupted so that you can hear more about your scripts
  7. If your script goes haywire, you can turn it off and fix it
  8. A script will never raise your taxes
  9. Scripts don't owe anyone anything
  10. You don't have to put out $2K to have lunch with your script
  11. You can change things about your script without having to throw it out and start over
  12. Even a minor script will have a turn to run
  13. Your script won't have to be kept in a huge house with a staff
  14. You can call your script by a funny name without turning your neighbors into enemies
  15. Scripts generally work for you regardless of what news source you listen to
  16. Your script won't ever write a memoir and embarrass everyone
  17. You almost always know exactly what your script is doing and why
  18. An obstinate Congress can't stop your script from accomplishing anything
  19. Your script won't lie to you or threaten to deport you
  20. You won't have to stand in a long line to make sure your script gets access to the CPU

And, if the results of the elections leave you feeling discouraged, take solace in the fact that your scripts are still doing what they need to do.

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