Best bookmark managers for Google Chrome

Tiny Bookmarks and Popup My Bookmarks win test of seven popup bookmark managers.


Recently, while going through my bookmarks in Chrome to determine which ones I wanted to keep, I accidentally deleted all of them. Rather than panic, I felt an odd sense of…relief. I realized that I had collected several hundred bookmarks over the years, and that managing them was difficult.

So I wondered what alternatives were available beyond Chrome’s default bookmark manager, and beyond Google’s optional extension for Chrome, Bookmark Extension.

Both Chrome’s default bookmark manager and Bookmark Extension open a tab and present you with a user interface inside it for you to manage your bookmarks. But I wanted a manager that works without having to open a tab.

There are several, and they generally work like this: You click an icon on the extensions toolbar (located to the right of the URL box), which pops open a panel that lists your bookmarks and bookmark folders. Right-clicking on a bookmark’s name opens a small menu which lists choices to edit the bookmark’s name or URL, or to delete it. So which one of the seven that we tested is the best overall?

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