New products of the week 11.21.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Dell EMC and HPE.

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


BetterWorks Program Autopilot

Key features: BetterWorks Program Autopilot helps enterprise customers automate goal setting and performance management program administration. Automated program reminders, timely communications and usage dashboards all ensure engagement and adoption without administrative overhead. More info.


Automic v12

Key features: Automic v12 is comprised of three products – Automic Workload Automation, Release Automation and Service Orchestration. The scalable business automation platform drives agility across enterprise operations and enables DevOps initiatives. More info.


Adobe Acrobat Reader Mobile

Key features: Scan is a new tool in Adobe Acrobat Reader Mobile that allows anyone to snap a photo and turn any document into a clean, storable and sharable PDF. More info.


Boundless Connect + Boundless Desktop

Key features: Boundless’ open-source geographic information system (GIS) platform, which unlocks the business intelligence of organizations’ location-based data, now includes a subscription service for its data repository and a desktop component. More info.


BroadSoft Team-One

Key features: A powerful team collaboration application that integrates team-centric messaging with contextual intelligence and unified communications features. Team-One places the tasks, files, messages and notes a business user needs in one place, along with video conferencing, click-to-call, screen sharing and integrations with popular business apps. More info.



Key features: provides automatically-updated customer psychographic profiles to advise your sales and marketing team exactly how to approach potential customers, including tips about their personalities and how they work. It also suggests the right content to push them based on these profiles. More Info.



Key features: The MFC-J6535DW is designed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses or small offices and combine high-quality printing, cloud services, and mobile printing functionality, coupled with an intuitive user interface. More info.

builtio Contentstack

Key features: The newly updated headless CMS, Contentstack, boasts major architectural and performance upgrades, including turnkey CDN integration, upgrades to permissions and multi-language capabilities, and optimization of the underlying database. More info.


CloudHealth Technologies, Rightsizing Functionality

Key features: CloudHealth’s powerful Rightsizing functionality provides reports and recommendations on which instance types and volumes to use across AWS EC2 instance families and EBS volumes. Customers can evaluate resource efficiency and make ongoing optimizations by setting policies that alert on underutilized or overutilized instances. More info.


Code42 CrashPlan 5.4

Key features: Code42 CrashPlan 5.4 introduces an improved Device Replacement Wizard to speed Windows 10 migration and a single-click Compliance Settings feature to automatically apply configuration needed for compliance obligations, like HIPAA. More info.


CollabNet DevOps Lifecycle Manager

Key features: This new DevOps management platform integrates the toolchain across the entire software development lifecycle providing collaboration for teams, visibility and traceability at every stage, and advanced automation capabilities. More info.


Dashlane Business

Key features: Dashlane, the password manager, has new features for business users: more robust security provisioning, password management and access control for IT managers, while instituting high levels of privacy for employees. More info.


CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager

Pricing: starts at $50 per desktop for the on-premises license and $28 per desktop for the SaaS annual subscription.

Key features: CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager expands privilege protection at the endpoint with the addition of new credential theft blocking capabilities to detect and contain advanced threats. More info.

dell data

Dell Data Protection | Secure Lifecycle

Key features: Dell Data Protection | Secure Lifecycle, protects critical business data at all stages of the lifecycle–at rest, in motion, and in use – whether inside or outside of a network. More info.

dell emc

Documentum 7.3

Key features: Documentum 7.3, significantly reduces TCO and time associated with upgrades by 30%-80% by creating easier delivery and deployment. Adds open source functionality and cloud platform support. More info.


Evident Security Platform (ESP)​

Key features: enables organizations of all sizes to proactively manage ​public​ cloud security risk — minimizing attack surface and improving overall security posture, all from a single dashboard. ESP continuously monitors an organization’s entire AWS footprint, identifying and assessing security risks  and user attribution​, providing security staff with expert remediation guidance, and enabling painless security auditing and compliance reporting. More info.


BIG-IP iSeries

Key features: iSeries delivers 3x performance of previous generations and supports node.js for extended scripting. TurboFlex technology introduces programmable hardware optimization, maximizing investment. Application Services Proxy and Container Connector improve DevOps integration. More info.


Formation SafeGuard

Key features: SafeGuard is a global cloud replication solution that provides disaster recovery and copy data management functions from a FormationOne cloud storage domain into Amazon Web Services or another Formation Domain. More info.


"Type 2A" - An ARMv8 Bare Metal Cloud Server with 96 Physical Cores

Key features: Unlike ARMv7 variants, the ARMv8 architecture powering Packet’s bare metal Type 2A is designed for high density data center workloads and tasks like container-based applications, data processing, threaded application workloads and network heavy functions such as load balancing. More info.

hp easy connect

HPE ProLiant Easy Connect

Key features: HPE expanded ProLiant Easy Connect family with the new HPE ProLiant Easy Connect ML110 Managed Hybrid Server. Support for up to 150 SMB users per site at any number of sites. More info.

hp storeasy

HPE StoreEasy Storage

Key features: HPE enhanced the StoreEasy Portfolio through new configurations with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2016 Standard Edition operating system, latest Intel Xeon processors and higher speed memory. New platforms provide enhanced deduplication and compression. More info.


Kony Nitro

Pricing: The Developer edition of Kony MobileFabric is offered for free through AWS.
For the Enterprise edition of Kony MobileFabric starts at $50,000. The Kony Visualizer Starter Edition is free and the Enterprise Edition is $1,995 per license

Key features: Kony Nitro is the new patented, omni-channel engine behind the Kony Mobility Platform, enabling developers to build secure, rich native, hybrid and web apps that work across multiple devices and operating systems. More info.


Operations Command Console

Key features: Operations Command Console provides Developers, IT Ops and DevOps teams with a unified view of application performance, infrastructure health, and incident response workflows to not only accelerate incident resolution, but provide actionable insights that help prevent downtime. Intelligence applications provide the full-stack visibility required to mobilize, coordinate and orchestrate both technical and business response to incidents. More info.


Troux 13

Key features: Troux 13 empowers EA and project management office (PMO) leaders to create cohesive strategic, operational and technology plans through an advanced integration with Planview Enterprise. More info.


Lastline Enterprise - Fall 2017 Edition

Key features:  Enhanced analysis of web content, improved artifact analysis for incident responders, enhanced SYSLOG support, broadened hardware/OS support and scalability/availability for very large deployment scenarios are among Lastline Enterprise’s newest enhancements. More info.


Qumulo Core 2.5

Key features: Qumulo Core 2.5 on HPE Apollo servers provides snapshots for extended enterprise data protection, erasure coding improvements delivering 80% efficiency, and throughput analytics and intelligent caching of metadata on SSD. More info.


Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform

Key features: The Sencha Platform, which allows developers to design, build and test data-intensive cross-platform web applications, provides increased developer productivity, improved application quality and accelerated time-to-market for cross-platform web applications. More info.


Blackphone 2

Key features: Privacy Meter is a new system embedded within Silent OS, Silent Circle’s Android-based operating system. It runs in the background and continuously checks the device’s configuration and status, notifying the Blackphone owner of any aspect that could be compromising the security and privacy of their data, while also guiding them through appropriate configurations. More info.


Scality RING 6.4

Key features: Scality RING 6.4 was designed to be the most secure Object Storage ever built. Scality RING 6.4 includes extended security features providing a trusted, compliant and secure storage infrastructure for today’s digital business. More info.



Key features: SkySecure added threat analytics to its secure hyper-converged system to identify Microsoft Active Directory administrative account and credential misuse and provide actionable insight to help mitigate and prevent security breaches. More info.


SonicWall Secure Mobile Access 1000 Series OS 12.0

Key features: Updated SMA OS 12.0 includes Global High Availability for business continuity, blended SSO technology to help organizations move to the cloud, and rules based access control for superior security. More info.


Dual Slot SD Card Reader

Key features: The new SD card readers will benefit photographers and videographers who import photos and videos from their digital camera, video camera, or GoPro camera to their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. By accessing two SD cards at once, users can overcome the challenges of dealing with multiple memory cards and save time and effort by transferring content from multiple cards instead of importing content from each card individually. More info.


Spigit for Continuous Improvement (CI)

Key features: Spigit for Continuous Improvement (CI) is a fully scalable solution that enhances the Discovery process of any continuous improvement program, including for Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen and similar disciplines. More info.


Team Analytics

Key features: Team Analytics provides users with insights into the inner workings of teams to diagnose challenges, identify areas for improvement and enhance how team members understand and respect each other’s personalities within the workplace. More info.


Advanced Cable Tester

Key features: The Advanced Cable Tester accelerates the adoption of USB Type-C technology, delivers convenient and affordable testing and enables comprehensive tests in manufacturing for USB cable manufacturers and personal electronics device product developers. More info.


ThreatQ v2

Key features: ThreatQ is an open and extensible threat intelligence platform that provides defenders with the context, customization and collaboration needed to ensure intelligence is accurate, relevant and timely to their business. More info.


Tychon Endpoint Management Platform

Key features: Enables organizations to bridge the gap between security and IT operations, working from an easy to use console with instant access to answers needed any time across the enterprise. More info.


Varnish Plus

Key features: Varnish Plus significantly improves mobile content delivery. It also includes highly scalable TCP acceleration to speed up application and content delivery by up to 40 percent. More info.


Vapor Edge

Key features: Vapor Edge is an end-to-end platform for building IoT and edge environments. It speeds interactions, removing latency and reducing network and compute load back to centralized data centers, providing hyper-local data and compute with only 2-10ms latency. More info.



Key features: Veriflow is designed to eliminate network outages and vulnerabilities across complex networks. The software uses patented continuous network verification algorithms to predict all possible network-wide behavior and to mathematically verify whether this network model meets desired security and resilience policies. More info.


Virtual Private Pipelines

Key features – Wercker's Virtual Private Pipelines executes automation workloads on a fully managed, network-isolated stack. The system ensures organizations don't queue outside their organization, scales within seconds, includes full support from Wercker. More info.


WPS Office for iOS

Key features: New capabilities in WPS Office for iOS, a complete office productivity suite, give iPhone and iPad users advanced file sharing, presenting and recording features. More info.


Dual GigE OOB Site Manager with Current Monitor

Key features: Out-of-band console port access solution for remote 240V AC powered network equipment sites. Includes dual 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports plus outlet current monitoring. Features event monitoring, logging and alarm functions. More info.


Xirrus XA4 High-Density AP

Key features: The Xirrus XA4, the industry's first four-radio 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi solution that incorporates external antennas to optimize coverage and performance in large venues and open-space environments. The external antennas on the XA4 enable IT to focus Wi-Fi capacity on high-traffic areas where and when it is needed most. More info.

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