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Intel revises its chip terminology and branding

New names come with new descriptions and new manufacturing processes as the old nanometer measure is left behind.

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Viewing enabled and running services on Linux with systemctl

Systemd and the systemctl command play vital roles in most of today's Linux systems. This post explains commands for peering into some aspects of how they work.

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Cisco preps now for the hybrid workforce

Cisco says its employees will work from home part of the time and be supported with its networking gear.


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Feds' demand for software standards could boost enterprise security

An executive order issued in May by the Biden Administration has elevated the status of the software bill of materials, by mandating their use in federal government contracting.

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Comcast Business rolls out wireless service for SMBs

Comcast Business Mobile offers 4G and 5G services as well as Wi-Fi.

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FAQ: What in the wireless world is CBRS?

Citizens Broadband Radio Service is shared wireless spectrum in the 3.5GHz band that could have big implications for building private LTE networks and for extending public 4G and 5G services.

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IBM upgrades its Big Iron OS for better cloud, security, and AI support

IBM's latest version of z/OS addresses easier provisioning and embraces Linux applications and utilities.

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Xilinx launches Versal HBM processors for the data center

The Versal HBM series from Xilinx includes fast memory, secure connectivity and adaptable compute in a single platform.


Is SD-WAN out to kill MPLS?

SD-WAN is something everyone's talking about but is it better than MPLS? My answer is yes... and it's easier to explain than baseball.

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HPE servers will ship in liquid-cooled chassis

HPE and Iceotope have an agreement for Isotope to sell HPE ProLiant servers in its liquid-cooled, ruggedized chassis.


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Commands to find Linux-package updates

Here are easy ways to list upgrades available for installed packages on Fedora, Ubuntu and related Linux systems.

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IBM builds ransomware protection into on-prem storage

IBM's Safeguarded Copy takes a snapshot of your systems and stores it where ransomware can't reach it.

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What is NAS (network-attached storage) and how does it work?

Improvements in network-attached storage density and performance target unstructured data workloads. Here's how a NAS server works, how it is different from a SAN, and what IT buyers want in file-level storage.

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Survey: Home-office networks demand better monitoring tools

Improved monitoring of work-at-home environments requires money, simplified infrastructure, and better IT leadership.

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Wi-Fi 6E: Don’t let hype push you off your refresh cycle

The promise of Wi-Fi in the 6GHz band is undeniable, but experts agree that, for now, it’s rarely worth deviating from your usual Wi-Fi refresh cycle.