‘Wireless security at its finest’

111816blog wireless password
Imgur via Reddit

The person who submitted the above photo to Reddit’s section devoted to IT rants presumably does not believe it depicts wireless security at its finest. In fact, the sarcasm oozes.

However, not everyone in the forum held such a dim view.

“There is nothing wrong with this,” writes another user. “It is public wi-fi. It has a slight security advantage over an open network in that it makes it more difficult to eavesdrop. The (would-be) attacker also has to capture the handshake when a client associates.”

There were supportive variations on that theme.

Personally, I wouldn’t go so far as to say there’s nothing wrong with this. While the location of photo is not disclosed, the artwork would seem to suggest a school setting of some sort. Let’s assume that’s the case.

Using the word password as a password is always ill-advised, and no one – especially educators -- should be telling impressionable young people or their parents otherwise.

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