Black Friday 2016

Apple teases 1-day Black Friday 2016 shopping event

Mystery as to whether Apple will cut prices on iPhones, Apple Watch, Macs

Black Friday 2016

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In a novel approach these days, Apple is actually waiting until Black Friday, Nov. 25, until it reveals its Black Friday 2016 shopping deals. A slew of techie Black Friday deals have been touted by others, most of whom aren't waiting for the day after Thanksgiving.

Apple merely teases that "Black Friday can't come soon enough" and invites consumers to visit its shopping site on Friday. The promo page, which features an Apple Watch, does mention that there is free two-day delivery on in-stock items ordered by 5pm on Black Friday and that by downloading the Apple Store app you might be privy to early access on items. Note that at least some Apple stores will have extended shopping hours too.

Apple in recent years has ditched direct discounts on its products, and instead bundled gift cards with purchases, to keep future purchases in house.

Apple does lay out a splashy gift guide, divvied up by Apple gifts, music gifts, photography gifts and games/toys.


Outside of Apple, deals on its products from partnering retailers have been most plentiful on items such as iPads and iPhones (one series of tempting deals can be found on eBay via AllDayZip, which is selling unlocked iPhone 7 smartphones for between $30 and $50 off retail). Less so on Macs, aside from a few on sale at Best Buy (You can save $200 on an Apple MacBook Air 13.3" model, for a final price of $800). A smattering of Apple Watch deals are available, too, including from new Apple Watch dealer Kohl's, which offers $105 in Kohl's cash for buyers of the Series 2 watch and $75 in Kohl's cash for buyers of the Series 1.

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