Black Friday 2016

Apple's underwhelming Black Friday 2016 event is live! Gift cards galore

Up to $150 in gift cards offered when buying certain Apple Macs

Black Friday 2016

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Apple, which last year was too cool to have a Black Friday sale, has revealed its one-day deals -- focused on older products -- for Black Friday 2016 this Nov. 25.

You can get up to a $150 gift card when purchasing select Apple products, with Macs earning the biggest rewards.

The $150 gift card rewards apply to purchases of MacBook Airs starting at $1,000, MacBooks and MacBook Pros (13-inches) starting at $1,300, and MacBook Pros (15-inches) starting at $2,000, among others.


You get up to a $100 gift card on iPads, including an iPad Pro starting at $600.

Apple is doling out $25 gift cards when you purchase an Apple Watch Series 1 or Apple TV. You can snag up to a $50 gift card on certain SIM-free phones, including iPhone 6 and 6S.

Partner retailers also are offering a slew of .

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