AWS re:Invent 2016

Amazon cloud chief says partners should focus all on AWS

Amazon will direct business to partners who are experts on the AWS platform, Jassy says

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AWS re:Invent 2016

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Amazon Web Services executives like to talk about customers who are going “all-in” on the company’s cloud platform, ditching their data centers and investing fully in IaaS.

According to media reports, AWS CEO Andy Jassy is encouraging the company’s partners to do the same thing. Jassy reportedly told partners at the re:Invent conference to focus their expertise on the AWS cloud if they want the company to direct customers to them.

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The crux of his argument, as reported by ZDNet, is that consultants who focus all of their efforts on becoming experts on the AWS platform will be better able to serve customers. Advisors spread themselves thin by attempting to gain expertise across multiple vendors.

Jassy went further: "The reality is, we are going to direct business to our partners who are committed and who really understand the platform because our customers want partners who understand the details of our platform," ZDNet quoted Jassy as saying. It quotes Jassy as saying that vendors who “hedge” themselves by partnering with other vendors are taking the wrong approach. Read the full context of Jassy’s remarks from the article.

The comments rubbed some pundits the wrong way. “Last time I checked, VAR's were there to serve their customers, not AWS,” Tweeted Aaron Delp, co-host of the Cloudcast podcast. “Unrealistic stance (again) from Andy (Jassy).”

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