Denon + Marantz delights streaming music listeners with Oracle Service Cloud and IoT

The beat goes on! Denon + Marantz makes sure nothing comes in the way of a great listening experience.

Are you listening to streaming music right now?

Spotify, SoundCloud or Pandora?

You’re not alone. Streaming is the most popular way to listen to music. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) reports that music streaming services are its biggest source of revenue—ahead of digital downloads and CDs.

The streaming music trend is a challenge and opportunity for the music industry. D+M Group (also often referred to as Denon + Marantz Electronics), with over 100 years of audio heritage, is no stranger to changing trends. It designs, manufactures and sells consumer and professional audio, video and media equipment. Its amplifiers and speakers and multi-room audio are used around the globe.

The demand for wireless speakers has exploded with music being streamed rather than be played locally from a CD or laptop. Denon + Marantz had to answer the following questions:

  • How could the installation of their connected speakers be simplified?
  • How to simplify user selection of streaming music providers and songs?
  • How could speaker outages and service calls be minimized?
  • How could the music listening experience be enhanced and personalized?
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Solution design

Denon + Marantz chose Oracle Service Cloud to analyze customer service data from IoT-enabled devices. This identifies any anomalies in the device data and device malfunctions. Denon + Marantz then uses Oracle Service Cloud to analyze the customer data, identify issues and route them to the appropriate customer support. The response could range from an email or phone follow-up to proactively sending a replacement device.

“Denon + Marantz products provide high-quality, immersive musical experiences,” explained CIO Scott Strickland. “IoT data lets us extend that first-class experience. We initially started collecting configuration and usage information on speakers. This has evolved with IoT to enhance customer service and gather more consumer information and optimize product development."

Data collection

Streaming music requires connected speakers. Denon + Marantz decided to use this connectivity to collect information from their speakers to provide new services to customers. Sensors in the speakers transmit:

  • Speaker name
  • Connection type (wi-fi or Ethernet cable)
  • Speaker MAC address
  • Speaker usage (hours per day and time used)
  • Source of playback (streaming service, local audio files, etc)
  • Diagnostic information (when triggered/pushed by the user)

Tens of thousands of connected Denon and Marantz speakers around the globe continuously send readings to an IoT repository. 

Ease of use

Denon + Marantz customers use the HEOS app to choose their streaming music source, the songs to play and the speakers. They can even listen to tracks directly from their phones using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks. Music is streamed directly from streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify or Amazon Music after authentication through Denon’s cloud.

Customer service

Customer service is personalized with information on customers’ speaker configurations and listening preferences. Denon + Marantz uses Oracle Service Cloud to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce support calls. Some issues are resolved online by "pushing" firmware updates to speakers. Sensor data is analyzed to plan preventive maintenance and schedule service calls.

“The IoT has changed how consumers interact with brands,” said Meeten Bhavsar, senior vice president at Oracle Service Cloud. "It offers data for Denon + Marantz and other organizations to transform their customers’ experience. IoT projects are simplified and rolled out faster now that we’ve integrated Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle IoT Cloud. With Oracle Service Cloud and IoT, Denon + Marantz is able to predict support issues and deliver proactive, exceptional customer service.”

“The beat goes on, the beat goes on
Drums keep pounding
A rhythm to the brain
History has turned the page, uh huh...”

Sonny & Cher summed it up best: Music keeps changing. And so do the devices we use to enjoy it. Denon + Marantz makes sure that despite technical changes, nothing comes in the way of a great listening experience.

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