IT Resume Makeover: Presenting an executive image

Looking to land your first tech executive role? Here’s how to overhaul your resume to catch a recruiter's eye and demonstrate your qualifications.

If you're going for a role that is technically a step up from your current position -- for example, in executive leadership -- you need to get strategic to make your resume stand out. That was the case for resume makeover candidate William Torres (whose name has been changed for this article). He wanted to demonstrate his suitability for senior executive leadership roles, but wasn't sure what to include and what to leave out. When Stephen Van Vreede, IT and technical resume writer at ITtechExec and NoodlePlace, saw Torres' resume he knew he wanted to rework a number of things to better reflect his qualifications as a technology leader.

"Here's someone that has not been a CIO or CTO but wants to land a senior executive role in technology. In this case, the content and the presentation need to come together to produce an executive image, and it just wasn't happening with the old resume," Van Vreede says.

Torres knew his resume had "too much technical information" and a "lack of order." He also struggled to stay concise and position his experience in a way that reflected his career goals. With his eye on executive leadership positions, he knew he needed to find a way to outline his leadership qualifications in a way that would capture and hold the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager.

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