New products of the week 12.12.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Aruba and Red Hat.

New products of the week

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Blue Data

BlueData EPIC on AWS

Key features: Enables data scientists to spin up instant clusters for their preferred Big Data frameworks, distributions, and tools on AWS — and tap into data either in Amazon S3 or on-premises storage. More info.


Anomali STAXX

Key features: Anomali STAXX is a free offering supporting the industry-standard STIX/TAXII threat feed protocols. As Soltra winds down, Anomali STAXX provides a solution that allows users to receive STIX/TAXII threat intelligence feeds without disruption. Anomali STAXX supports threat-sharing standards used by the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) and other industry ISACs. More info.



Key Features: As the first-ever unified SaaS management platform, BetterCloud provides a centralized management interface for SaaS applications, and equips IT departments with the powerful automation and governance capabilities required to operate modern, SaaS-powered workplaces. Currently supports G Suite, Slack, Zendesk and Dropbox. More info.


Aruba ClearPass Universal Profiler

Key features: Automatically identifies the attributes of IoT devices as they attempt to connect to the network, enabling IT managers to catalog what IoT devices are on wired and wireless networks and assign the appropriate policies. More info.

Blue Jeans

BlueJeans Huddle

Key features: BlueJeans Huddle enables group video meetings across your workplace with a single platform that’s easy to deploy, always touch-to-join, and manageable at scale. More info.


BroadSoft UC-One Conference Room

Key features: UC-One Conference Room is a one-click conference room experience that allows businesses to add any physical office conference room to a virtual conference with a single click. More info.


Brocade SLX 9540 Switch

Key features: With carrier-class features, density and performance in a 1RU fixed form factor, the SLX 9540 delivers versatile, cost-effective edge connectivity with automation and visibility for improved agility and service levels. More info.


AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate

Key features: Chef's commercial platform, Chef Automate, is now available as a fully managed service on AWS, making configuring, deploying and scaling cloud and on-premises infrastructure simple and secure. More info.


One Hybrid Cloud v3.0

Pricing: Cloud Migration: $350/server; Cloud DR: $1100/server/year; Cloud Dev/Test: $750/server/year

Key features: Application blueprinting and provisioning of workload (compute, networking, security, storage) now includes cloud network customization, making cloud migration much easier for enterprise brownfield workloads. More info.


Flight PHL

Key features: Flight PHL takes the place of online sharing tools to give marketing teams a powerful and centralized system for visualizing, sharing, storing, searching and collaborating on essential brand assets. More info.

dell boomi
Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi Fall 2016 release

Key features: Over 200 new features added to award-winning iPaaS for rapidly and cost-effectively integrating data across applications in hybrid IT environments. Improved user experience, new application integration accelerators and deployment processes, enhanced data governance and security. More info.


Digi TransPort LR54

Key features: LTE-A Router capable of Cat 6 LTE-Advanced speeds (300Mbps). Features software-defined LTE radio, supports carriers across North America and most European countries, pre-certified for both the Verizon and AT&T networks. More info.

Electric Cloud


Key features – ElectricAccelerator dramatically shrinks CI cycles by helping teams speed up builds and tests to improve software time to market, infrastructure utilization and developer productivity. More info.


Conga Novatus v7.1

Key features: Conga Novatus is an enterprise contract lifecycle management solution designed to help contract managers use the solution’s machine learning capabilities to track clauses usage, manage risk, and ensure better compliance. More info.


IGEL UD Pocket

Key features: IGEL UD Pocket is a flexible, cost-effective out-of-the-box micro thin client solution that is designed to improve the security of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives in organizations with remote or mobile workforces.


KnowBe4’s Phishing Reply Tracking

Key features: Phishing Reply Tracking is designed to test whether users will interact with “the bad guys” on the other end of a phishing email. More info.


JNBridgePro 8.0

Key features: Get Java-based and .NET-based components working together quickly and easily with JNBridgePro. Version 8.0 extends software frameworks to the other side with support for abstract inheritance and cross-platform overrides. More info.


MapD Core database and Immerse visual analytics platform

Key features: MapD is a data analytics and visualization software platform that offers speeds up to 100x faster than existing systems, by leveraging the parallel power of GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). MapD is able to execute SQL queries over multi-billion row datasets in milliseconds, and optionally visualize the results using the graphics capability of the GPUs.


Kaseya AuthAnvil

Key features: AuthAnvil introduces a world-class authentication platform that provides enterprise-level security capabilities for MFA, SSO and user provisioning, with easy end-user on-boarding, at a fraction the cost of other solutions. More info.


The Windows Enterprise Client version 10.11

Key features: With the Home Zone feature, a special user profile is used for the home office network. Users can simply click the Home Zone button and the correct network configuration is made automatically. With the added bypass function in the NCP VPN Enterprise, IT administrators can configure the client by individual applications. Administrators can choose which applications are exempt from the VPN, and data can be sent over the internet even when split tunneling is disabled. More info.


NoHold SICURA QuickStart

Key Features: A platform that uses Natural Language Processing and AI to create an intelligent chat bot/virtual assistant out of literally any document in G Suite's Documents section or Microsoft word. QuickStart takes the content of the document, categorizing it into an hierarchical structure and then leveraging the NLP and Inference Engine of their SICURA platform to run over that structure to answer questions and simulate dialog into a bot. More info.


QuickBase Webhooks

Key features: QuickBase Webhooks is a native integration and automation capability for users who want fine-grained control. With custom business logic and workflow automation, users can trigger actions when changing data in a single application. More info.

Observe IT

ObserveIT 6.7

Key features: ObserveIT 6.7 protects organizations from insider threats by employees and third parties, new features: Enhanced Insider Threat Library; Expanded website categorization; Detect print data exfiltration; Anonymization for privacy compliance; New Mac Agent. More info.



Key features: SecureAuth’s Symbol-to-Accept is a user-friendly mobile multi-factor authentication approach that improves security without compromising the convenience of the popular push-to-accept method. More info.

Red Hat

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform

Key features: OpenShift Dedicated is now available on Google Cloud Platform, bringing Red Hat’s managed application platform to customers who want to build, launch, and manage applications on OpenShift Dedicated with Google Cloud Platform as their underlying cloud infrastructure. More info.


Basic DC Powered GigE Console Server

Key features: An eight-port out-of-band console server for DC powered network equipment. Secure, reliable access to console ports on remote devices. Features monitoring and alarm functions, plus external modem ready RJ-45 ports. More info.


Resilient Access 3.0

Key Features:  Resilient Access 3.0 is a policy-driven contextual access control solution for securely sharing data and connecting organizations. Its policy workflow engine discovers, organizes and resolves the information or attributes required to provide the context to make smarter access decisions. More info.

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