Cisco ONE simplifies security purchasing

Cisco ONE Advanced Security makes it easier for organizations to fortify the data center, WAN or access edge with predefined suites of key security products and services

'Tis the season to be jolly, they say, which is true unless you’re involved with enterprise security. 

For those individuals, tis the season to be wary as the number of highly publicized breaches continues to grow, as does the complexity of trying adequately secure the business. 

One of the biggest challenges is the vendor landscape has exploded with hundreds of point products. In fact, the 2016 ZK Research Security Survey found that large enterprises have an average of 32 security vendors deployed. 

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More security vendors doesn’t make companies more secure. It just makes things more complex. Despite the number of point products, finding a breach still takes well over 100 days. Think of the damage that can happen in over three months. A persistent threat can make its way around the company network, map out the whole environment and provide a blueprint for hackers to take whatever data they want. 

Cisco is well known as a networking vendor but has recently revamped its security portfolio. As I pointed out earlier this year, the company is leveraging its dominant position in the network to differentiate itself in security. Many vendors have broad security portfolios, but none has the breadth of Cisco. 

However, the range of Cisco products certainly has its pros and cons for customers. The benefit is obvious: More security in more places in the network creates multiplicative value. As security becomes more analytic based, Cisco will separate itself from much of the pack. However, it makes purchasing difficult becaise customers have a myriad of options to choose from at each point in the network. 

Simplifying security: Cisco ONE Software

In an effort to simplify security, Cisco extended its Cisco ONE Software model to the security portfolio. 

If you’re not familiar with Cisco ONE Software, it aims to simplify the complexity associated with buying, deploying and managing the software needed to run a network, which includes security features. The model provides a simple and flexible way for customers to procure and manage the features they need in data centers, the WAN and access network. It accomplishes this by decoupling the software from the hardware platform. 

Customers buy the Cisco ONE Software suite in one of three domains. It includes all of the licenses a customer needs at that point in the network. Customers can turn on what is required when needed instead of having to buy things ad hoc, which can add lengthy delays to the deployment of a certain feature. 

Cisco ONE Software offers three feature sets for the three domains: foundation, advanced applications and advanced security. I’m not going to go into the details of each suite for data center, WAN and access edge, but details can be found at

For security buyers, Cisco ONE Advanced Security makes it easier for organizations to fortify the data center, WAN or access edge with simple, predefined suites of key security products and services in a single offer (see below). 

Cisco ONE Advanced Security for the Data Center

dc graphic

Cisco ONE Advanced Security for WAN and Edge

cisco one advanced security for wan and edge

Cisco ONE Advanced Security for Access

cisco one advanced security for access

Customers that leverage Cisco ONE for security purchases will realize the following benefits: 

  • Simple and comprehensive suites. Cisco provides a single, pre-defined offer with key security products and services for each domain. For example, in the data center, the offer includes advanced malware protection, next-generation intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and virtualized firewall and services.

  • Flexibility. Customers can start at any domain and expand the coverage to other places for comprehensive security. Cisco ONE Software also supports both physical and virtual appliances in access (other domains in future).

  • Access to the latest threat intelligence. Customers have access to Cisco Talos, industry-leading threat intelligence that supports the functions in the various Cisco ONE offerings. As new security features are added to Cisco ONE, customers have immediate access to them.

  • Predictable budgeting. With traditional ad hoc purchasing, spending can be very lumpy because big purchases need to be made at each upgrade. Cisco ONE Software is an annual subscription, so the spend becomes predictable and easy to budget. Also, if the customer does upgrade the hardware platform, it will receive a credit for any unused term in the old subscription.

Better licensing certainly simplifies purchasing, but it doesn’t solve the deployment complexity. To help ensure customers maximize the value of Cisco ONE Advanced Security software, the company offers the following professional services: 

  • Quick start services are designed to help customers quickly integrate new capabilities into their business. This includes turning up new services, software installation, configuration, customization, task automation, onboarding and testing.

  • Optimization services, including adoption and change management, to ensure businesses achieve the desired transformation while driving business outcomes.

Enterprise security is more difficult than ever. Hackers are more sophisticated, breaches are automated, and the number of entry points continues to grow. As the cloud, Internet of Things and mobility become more pervasive, the complexity will continue to grow. Cisco ONE Advanced Security software ensures that businesses can deploy the latest Cisco security technology without the associated procurement and management complexity.

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