Book review: Facebook for Seniors

Anyone who has been reluctant or a little too intimidated to jump into the Facebook community is likely to get a lot of encouragement from this book. In fact, they'll probably find themselves on a learning curve that quickly ramps them up from neophyte to pro in twelve easy chapters.

And I mean it. While inviting your grandmother or retired uncle to read a 300+ page book might sound like a lot to ask, this book is not going to scare anyone off. For one thing, it's full of screenshots and activities that detail the steps one needs to take to get progressively better at using Facebook. Plus, the book is printed in the larger-than-normal font that makes it fun to open -- nothing at all like a college textbook. This is one of those "sit back and let me help you through this" kind of books that make learning fun.

One of the things that I like best about this book is the slow and steady way it takes the reader from absolute basics like "What is Facebook?" through to creating posts, playing games, and eventually to issues of privacy and security. And the solutions to all of the activities are provided at the back of the book. It will take someone who has never touched facebook to the point of being comfortable with it and adept at using it and, then, to helping them to stay in touch with friends and family in ways that they probably never imagined would actually work for them.

The authors didn't just sit down and write this book after one of them had a bright idea over lunch. They've been teaching IT classes for seniors for quite a while. The three Ewins -- Carrie, Chris, and Cheryl -- have backgrounds in education, psychology, and business. And they've put their experience in helping seniors to become IT savvy into this book.

Glancing over the Table of Contents will give you a good idea about how the material progresses.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Joining Facebook
Lesson 2: Meeting Facebook
Lesson 3: Your Profile
Lesson 4: Facebook Friends
Lesson 5: Creating Text Posts
Lesson 6: Posting Photos and Videos
Lesson 7: Posting with Friends
Lesson 8: Playing Games
Lesson 9: Groups
Lesson 10: Messenger and Chat
Lesson 11: Events
Lesson 12: Privacy and Security

You can download a full Table of Contents from no starch press if you'd like to see more details.

Satisfying, motivating, fun, effective, inviting, and quite thorough, this book provides a great get-going start for anyone who isn't yet and wants to be comfortable using Facebook.

Ready to encourage your Facebook-wary kin to "join the fun, find your friends, get connected"? You might be surprised how much getting and staying in touch with friends and family might mean to them -- and how much understanding what they're doing makes this possible.

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