5 reasons to automate your network

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There’s no doubt about it, networks are becoming increasingly complex, and between connecting to high-powered data centers, spinning up cloud deployments and ensuring constant connectivity – all while keeping costs down – IT teams are feeling the pressure. So, how can they do it all, do it well and keep within a tight budget? Automation.

By implementing automation tools and practices, networks can better withstand modern workloads, provide a new level dynamism and speed, and cut costs. Scott Sneddon, senior director, SDN and Virtualization at Juniper Networks provided the following five benefits of network automation.

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Embrace new technologies ASAP

New, industry-changing technologies seem to emerge constantly, and to stay competitive, enterprises must quickly fold these technologies into their business. But this is no easy task; most enterprise networks are incredibly complex environments spread across multiple geographies and cloud deployments. Automation can address this challenge by accelerating the provisioning process, allowing enterprises to benefit from new technologies sooner.

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Enable communication and cohesion between data centers

Even when a network is well-provisioned, manual management processes can stifle the elasticity and fluidity of virtual workloads – which can move not only within a server, but also between servers, racks, and data centers. Automation can improve the flow between these infrastructure pieces by removing the need for labor and time-intensive practices. Picture this – you’re launching a new virtual server, but now the switches need to be configured to support it. With automation, these two actions can be orchestrated in sync to automatically get the switches configured as the new virtual server deploys.

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Reduce operational expenses

Automated and orchestrated infrastructures will not only extend your network’s capabilities, but will also help to stretch every dollar of spend. By eliminating tedious and manual processes, you’ll quickly set yourself up for improved return on infrastructure investment.

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Reduce errors and build resiliency

The singularity isn’t here yet, but automating mind-numbing, manual tasks will reduce the amount of network errors and help the environment run smoothly. Additionally, many automation solutions automatically respond to network errors without intervention, improving business resiliency and ensuring employees have access to the applications and data they need whenever they need it.

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Create better, more efficient IT jobs

By automating humdrum tasks like staging new technologies, enterprises enable IT staff to concentrate on more exciting work, including ways to make the network more efficient and cutting-edge. And by promoting more rewarding work, enterprises will improve the culture of their organization and their employees’ overall happiness.