Apple watcher Gene Munster & team about to get hands-on as VCs

"It's unlikely we see an iPhone 20," Munster says

Gene Munster, one of the most watched Apple watchers as a longtime research analyst at Piper Jaffray, has now started a venture capital fund that promises to invest in exactly the sorts of startups Apple and its competitors are likely to buy.

Loup Ventures (which gets its name for a word meaning "wolf" or "to leap/pounce" depending on which language you choose), also consists of former Munster colleagues at Piper Jaffray, Doug Clinton and Andrew Murphy.

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A "manifesto" posted on their Loup website begins:

"The combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics will fundamentally transform how we live — for the better.  It will enable a world of infinite and limitless exploration.  A world where humans are free to live their passions without worry for basic needs.  A world where humans find purpose in creativity, community, and experience.  A world where humans can be more human.  Loup Ventures is pursuing this absolutely fantastic future: The Future Perfect."

The first portfolio company revealed by seed-stage fund Loup is Neurable, which says its brain-computer interface "allows people to control software and devices using only their brain activity."

Gene Munster Loup Ventures

Gene Munster: After 21 years at Piper Jaffray, making the leap to venture capitalism

Munster, who assures his research-oriented team will be posting plenty of research on their website, shared his thoughts on where Apple is heading and how that fits with Loup's focus. "The iPhone is going to go away. Not next year and maybe not five years from now, but it's unlikely we see an iPhone 20. At least it won't be a thin sheet of aluminum and glass that you keep in your pocket."

Look for Apple to continue morphing into a services company, and to snap up companies emerging in fields such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and robotics, Munster says. 

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