Oops, this Redditor accidentally deleted his company’s DNS in Microsoft Azure’s cloud

Be mindful of what you’re clicking in the cloud

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One Redditor has made a mistake that you can be assured he will not make again: He deleted an entire zone of his company’s Domain Name System in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

“I meant to delete a single record, but it’s the same button in the same place as deleting a zone. As soon as I hit the button I knew what I had done, then all our websites start failing,” the Redditor confesses.

That’s an oops. He goes on to describe how his unidentified company’s VOIP phones went offline and the backup domain controller began having issues resolving DNS.

Meanwhile, in the 'when it rains it pours' line of thinking, an unrelated error occurred AT THE SAME TIME on the company’s Hyper-V server network interface cards (NICs).

Thankfully, the issues were resolved fairly quickly. The company backs up its DNS every week, so it was able to be restored.

How could this happen? The Redditor explains that there is a confirmation before deleting a zone, but it looks similar to the confirmation for deleting a record. In the business of multi-tasking, he didn’t notice the difference.

What can you learn from this? Azure gives the ability to resource-block certain services, which would prevent accident deletions. Our Redditor friend has installed this feature, and you should consider doing it too. 

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