DARPA developing secure data sharing wireless technology

DARPA system would let classified data use commercial and military wireless networks while preserving the security of sensitive information

The researchers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will later this month discuss a new software system that would let multiple levels of classified data traverse current commercial and military wireless networks while preserving the security of sensitive information.

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The agency’s Secure Handhelds on Assured Resilient networks at the tactical Edge (SHARE) program will “secure tactical mobile handheld devices to support distributed multilevel information sharing without the need for reaching back to large-scale fixed infrastructure, create new networks based on resilient and secure architectures that work in challenging environments, and develop software that rapidly configures security across the network,” DARPA says.

Based on these technology innovations, the program will demonstrate a quickly deployable secure multilevel network through which US and coalition tactical operators can share information while maintaining the security of sensitive information, safety of operations and integrity of US systems, DARPA stated.

DARPA said it envisions SHARE as a three-phase effort that will initially develop and mature relevant networking and security technologies, then develop a prototype on a mobile device, and finally integrate and demonstrate the capability in a coalition demonstration or exercise. In each phase, research and development will be performed in each of the following technical focus areas:

  • Distributed Tactical Security Management: Develop technologies and policy tools, integrated onto handheld devices to share information between trusted groups, and develop a secure multilevel operating system and distributed application security framework for mobile handheld devices, such as Android tablets and smart phones, suitable for use in a tactical environment.
  • Resilient Secure Networks: Develop new networking technologies that inherently support the ability to exchange information at multiple security levels and provide resilient secure store and forward capabilities rather than brittle end-to-end connections, and adapt existing applications that have been designed for current networking technologies to use these new networking approaches.
  • Secure Configuration Automation: Develop techniques and software to automate configuration and management of distributed security at the tactical edge, including information sharing rules and user authorities throughout the network.

DARPA said a SHARE Proposers Day is scheduled for Jan. 31, 2017, in McLean, Virginia. Details are available here.

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