How to overcome 5 common resume mistakes

Avoid the five resume writing mistakes most commonly seen in the IT Resume Makeover series.

cans of CV resumes as metaphor for brand

Our resume writers have seen it all. IT resumes come in all shapes and sizes - they can be as long as novels, as hard to decode as a Shakespeare play or boring enough to put even the biggest tech-junkie to sleep. And that's because writing a resume is not an easy task, no matter how long you've been in the game or how confident you are in your skills and experience.

The CIO IT Resume Makeover series offers great examples of how difficult it can be for anyone to objectively convey their skills, experience and expertise on one document - and how easy it is to fix those mistakes. Whether it's the length of the resume, poor organization or a dry list of job descriptions, our experts always know exactly how to tackle the issue. Here are five of the most common mistakes seen in the IT resume makeover series, and how you can fix them.

Break the two-page rule

While you've probably heard that it's best to keep your resume to just one or two pages, that rule is often challenged in the IT resume makeover series, which shows both sides to this conundrum - resumes that are too long are tidied up into one- or two-page documents, while sometimes shorter resumes are expanded to reach nearly three pages.

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