Best & most promising tech jobs of 2017 revealed

Glassdoor, LinkedIn crunch their data, spit out hot jobs lists

Best & most promising tech jobs revealed

Data scientists continue to be in huge demand, and you won't fare badly either if you have expertise as a technical program manager, data engineer or DevOps engineer, according to the latest rankings from a couple of big jobs-related websites.

Glassdoor on Monday released its annual list of the Best Jobs in America, and I've zeroed in on those most techie in nature (though of course practically any job on such a list has a tech component these days). Tops for the second straight year is the job of Data Scientist, based on three key factors: earning potential, job satisfaction and job openings.


According to the Glassdoor, the median base salary for a data scientist is $110K and there were close to 4,200 jobs open across the country in this area. Hey, someone's gotta make sense of all that big data being compiled and all those machine learning tools being rolled out.

Other high rankers are: DevOps Engineer, with a median base salary of $110K and more than 2,700 job openings; Data Engineer, with a $106K median base salary and nearly 2,600 jobs open; and Analytics Manager, with a $112K median base salary and close to 2,000 jobs open. Data Engineer is new on the list, as is UI Designer.

In addition to tech jobs (comprising 14 of the 50 jobs on the Glassdoor list), those in finance and healthcare also ranked well.


LinkedIn's cut on hot jobs is its Most Promising Jobs of 2017 list, as discussed by Daniel Shapero, careers product leader at LinkedIn in a blog post late last week.

You'll probably be relieved to hear that Hospitalist (dedicated in-patient physician in a hospital) is at the top of this list: No, you might not be qualified to snag one of these jobs yourself, but you'll be glad that others are.

Among the most promising tech jobs on the list are Site Reliability Engineer, described by Google as "what happens when you ask a software engineer to design and operations team." The median base salary comes in at $140K and job openings have grown 93% year over year, according to LinkedIn's inaugural list, which emphasizes jobs with high median salaries, strong job openings and the promise of promotion or advancement within an organization.

Data Engineer, a job that Glassdoor also cited, ranks #9 on the LinkedIn list. Other tech jobs with great potential include scrum master, software engineer, data architect, analytics manager and customer success manager. 

CRM, data analysis, data warehousing and programming skills are among those underpinning these jobs with promise.

Not to be a party pooper, but do take this into consideration, too. While hiring managers anticipate bringing more tech talent on board in 2017, 10% fewer of those surveyed by tech and engineering career site Dice say that they expect increased hiring than they did heading into the second half of 2016/

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