IT Resume Makeover

IT Resume Makeover: Gaining a new perspective

After over a decade with the same company, jumping back into the job search process can be overwhelming. And sometimes the process requires writing your resume from an entirely new perspective.

The last word you want to use to describe your resume is "generic," but that's exactly how Shepherd Book, whose name has been changed for this article, felt about his own resume. "It looked like a shopping list -- even though it included my latest list of duties, it really highlighted nothing," he says.

After 16 years with the same company, it had been quite a while since Book had updated his resume. And with his eyes on an executive-level position, he knew he needed to create something that truly told his career story.

J.M. Auron, a leading global IT careers leader, resume writer and owner of Quantum Tech Resumes, was up for the challenge. He started by digging deep into Book's career history, with a goal to uncover relevant skills Book may have overlooked to "help him clarify his own value proposition, and get a sense of the many significant achievements that he's delivered," says Auron.

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