Google's crazy cool offices

A peek at some of Google’s coolest office setups, including those in Sydney, Zürich, Brussels, Venice and London

Google offices

17 photos of Google's coolest office setups

Google is often ranked as one of the top tech companies to work for—and with good reason. The company is extraordinarily employee-friendly. 

In addition to a great array of benefits and employee perks, Google takes measures to ensure its employees work in extremely unique environments that are designed to foster creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Additionally, it makes going to work a far more enjoyable experience when there are slides, bikes, basketball courts, ping pong tables and video games to enjoy. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen three Google offices in the United States, and suffice it to say, they’ve all been incredible experiences. In one office, I even came across a beer tap that had a few high-end beverage choices, not to mention a room dedicated for Googlers who want to get a little bit of band practice in. 

As it stands now, Google has offices across the globe, and each one of its major offices has its own unique vibe and design sensibility. That said, we’ve compiled some of the more intriguing photos of Google office photos from around the world. From the insane and creative layout of the company’s Zürich office to a rooftop mini-golf course in Toronto, Google’s offices are anything but boring.

2. google australia hammock

Google Sydney

If you want to relax and get some work done while lying in hammock, you’ll have to head to the land down under. As far as cozy working environments go, this one from Google’s Sydney, Australia office is hard to beat.

3. google zurich

Google Zürich

Google’s Zürich office is probably the company’s most unique across the world. Here you can see an aquatic-themed “pod” where Googlers can make phone calls, relax and, if the mood strikes, even get some work done.

4. google tel aviv tire

Google Tel Aviv, Israel

Nothing spells whimsy quite like an old-fashioned and oversized tire swing.

5. google brussels

Google Brussels

A workstation inside of a moon-like structure? I suppose anything goes at Google’s Brussels office.

6. google venice

Google Venice

As far as dramatic entrances go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one more imposing than Google’s offices in Venice where you’ll run into a gargantuan pair of binoculars.

7. google dublin

Google Dublin

I’m not sure what kind of theme Google’s Dublin office is going for here, but it’s pretty sleek.

8. google zurich

Google Zürich

Google’s Zürich office strikes again! Here we see a futuristically styled game room, complete with a cool digital sign and, of course, an air hockey table.

9. google singapore

Google Singapore

Here’s a classy setup that would fit right at home in a high-end restaurant or bar.

10. google tel aviv

Google Tel Aviv, Israel

A nifty Pac-Man-themed design graces the walls inside Google’s Tel Aviv office.

11. google london

Google London

As far as cozy reading spaces are concerned, Google’s London office looks like an ideal spot to camp out for a while.

12. google australia

Google Sydney

We’re not sure what to call these interesting reading pods, but they sure look like fun.

13. google waterloo

Google Waterloo, Ontario

Home to Google’s biggest R&D office in Canada, the Waterloo location has a game room designed to keep employees occupied when taking a much-needed break from work. From a foosball table and pinball machines to old-style arcade games and music equipment, this game room looks like it’s hard to leave.

14. google mountain view

Google Mountain View, California

Mountain View, California, is Google’s main headquarters, and as such, there is no shortage of amenities to be had. You might already be familiar with Google’s famed volleyball courts, but there’s something even more luxurious about an indoor bowling alley.

15. google paris

Google Paris

Nothing to see here folks, just an everyday VW Beetle parked inside Google’s main Paris office.

16. google munich

Google Munich

As you can tell, the design of Google’s offices tend to defy any semblance of logic. Here in Google’s Munich office, we see a colorful room where employees can relax in a massage chair positioned right in front of a Mini Cooper sticking out of a wall.

17. google isntanbul

Google Instanbul

The micro-kitchen at Google’s Istanbul office is pure class.

18. google toronto
Google/Camilla Pucholt

Google Toronto

Mini-golf is always a fun activity, but playing mini-golf on a rooftop isn’t something you see every day. Of course, if you’re a Googler in Toronto, you can get a few games in whenever you’d like.

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