The problem with threat intelligence [Infographic]

78% of security pros say threat intelligence is essential to their organization’s security, but just 27% say their organizations effectively use threat data. Why the disconnect?

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Organizations are drowning in threat intelligence that they recognize as being vital to their security even as they are unable to use it to identify specific threats, according to a July 2016 Ponemon Institute research report.

The survey of 1,000 IT and IT security practitioners from North America and the U.K., conducted by Ponemon and sponsored by network security provider Anomali, shines a light on the the perceived value of threat data and the inability of organizations to harness it.

For example, while 77 percent of respondents said threat intelligence is “very valuable to their organization’s overall security mission,” fewer than half said that “incident responders use threat data when deciding how to respond to threats.” Furthermore, only 27 percent said their organizations are effective in “utilizing threat data to pinpoint cyber threats.”

The top two reasons given for failure to maximize the value of threat intelligence: Too much data and too much complexity (70 percent) and lack of on-staff expertise (69 percent).

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