Geekiest alarm clock ever?

Everyone knows what to do when life gives you lemons. Well, the same can apply when technology cries wolf at four in the morning, according to a contributor to Reddit’s section devoted to systems administration.

Every morning at just past 4 a.m., I get a text from Solarwinds that makes my phone beep. The alert is that one of our LDAP servers is unresponsive. Then two minutes later I get a text/phone beep that LDAP is back up. Every day.

It’s OK, I need to catch the bus/train just past 5 a.m. anyway, gives me time to get ready / pack my lunch, drink a cup of coffee, etc.

I really have no desire to figure out the root cause. It is my alarm clock.

Redditors approve, with one commenting: “The most expensive alarm clock in the world? That's baller.”

However, it was noted that the benefactor of this unusual wake-up call might rue the day if somehow the thing “magically fixes itself.”

Ticket #18740891

Severity: 2

Issue: LDAP server no longer going offline at 4 a.m., results in unresponsive sysadmin.

Until that day, whatever gets you out of bed.

Personally, I use my iPad as my alarm clock, set weekdays for 5:10 a.m. What awakens me, however, are the stirrings of my 15-year-old daughter, who says she gets up at 5 but it’s actually 4:55. She has no earthly reason to be up that early, but I’d have better luck trying to change the mind of an LDAP server.

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