People Power brings bots and A.I. to home security systems

All the buzzwords here. but if People Power can deliver, this could be interesting.

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Ever since smart thermostat maker Nest burst onto the scene with its unique combination of beautiful design and A.I.-powered automation, there has been increasing attention about how A.I. can be applied to the so-called smart home. The fact that Google acquired Nest and then, by all accounts, proceeded to screw up the opportunity that Nest created, doesn't in any way lessen the importance and opportunity that smart homes creates.

So it was interesting to hear of another play, this time a combined software and hardware one.

People Power is a white-label home security solution from the eponymously named company. The company itself has been around since 2009 and focuses on mobile and cloud technologies. Recently that has changed somewhat into more of an IoT focus, with People Power launching an IoT suite designed to help developers rapidly create IoT device and application connections.

This new play, which is really more of a shifting of focus with the existing platform, is aimed at giving service providers, telcos and manufacturers the ability to rapidly deploy new smart home products and services. The platform includes bot functionality that is aimed at automating many home security tasks. The bots listen to and understand the data streams from the various hardware and software inputs connected to People Power, and proactively deliver (hopefully!) intelligent outcomes.

The solution includes an array of expandable hardware products, sensors and IP cameras that service providers can offer as a “one-stop shop” home security offering. The offering includes iOS or Android-based smartphone apps, and also offers optional 24/7 professional monitoring.

In terms of the bots that People Power offers out of the box, these include the following:

  • CP-01 False Alarm Reduction Bot -- Implements CP-01 ANSI/SIA standards for false-alarm reduction of professional monitored security systems
  • Entry Sensor Intelligence Bot -- Adds intelligence to entry sensors to eliminate false alarms, fixing a $100M industry problem
  • Motion Sensor Intelligence Bot -- Learns the characteristics of each individual motion sensor and provides feedback for reliable do-it-yourself installs
  • Preventative Maintenance Bot -- Notifies administrators of hardware problems like battery, signal strength or defective devices to proactively enhance the customer experience
  • Thinking Out Loud Bot -- Communicates why the bot made certain decisions, and delivers weekly health reports
  • Intelligent Lighting Bot -- Learns normal patterns of lighting to make it look like someone is home when they're not
  • Intermittent Reinforcement Bot -- Sends users intermittent compliments from keypads to reinforce habit formation of arming the security system
  • Leak Sensor Intelligence Bot -- Provides professional monitoring of water leaks without waking users in the middle of the night

Additionally, People Power is providing developer access to the new People Power Bot Lab and Bot Server to explore the creation of new services for smart homes and buildings. Bot Lab is an environment for adding new micro-services to existing devices or data sources. This enables developers to create solutions attuned to specific customer needs, allowing for differentiation -- a key need given People Power's focus on selling through the channel.

"Smart homes have been really dumb compared to what they need to be -- conscious homes," said David Moss, president and CTO of People Power. "In the same way mobile app developers create new features for smartphones, now bot developers can create new features, services and experiences for every internet-connected device. Our IoT software suite and People Power IoT Gateway allows developers, manufacturers and digital service providers to deliver valuable new services and experiences for homes and buildings."


The smart home trend is going to be a massive generator of revenue in the future. Given the difficulty that organizations such as telcos have in creating their own product offerings, People Power looks to have a good opportunity in the marketplace.

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