9 simple ways to raise capital for your ecommerce startup

Entrepreneurs and investors share their tips on how to get cash to fund a new business.

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It is easier than ever, or so it seems, to open a new business, especially an ecommerce or tech business. But getting money to fund your startup, especially with so many new businesses competing for the same pool of seed money, can be tough. So which methods, or sources, are the most likely to get or give you the money you need to grow your business? Following are nine of the best, according to entrepreneurs and investors.

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1. Start saving/Bootstrap.

“My top tip for raising money is: use your own money first,” says Brandon Ackroyd, director, TigerMobiles, who has invested in a number of companies as an angel investor. “Far too many startups expect others to invest when they've injected zero of their own money into a business.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean selling your home or hocking your car, but if you are serious about your business and plan on approaching investors at some point, you need to invest your own money first. So it’s important to start saving early.

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