Battle of the clouds: Amazon Web Services vs. Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud Platform

Which flavor of IaaS public cloud has what you need?

cloud providers battle

Amazon Web Services is the consensus leader of the IaaS public cloud computing market according to industry watchers, but they credit Microsoft for closing the gap with Azure and say Google with its Cloud Platform has made considerable strides as well.

Gartner says as much in its annual in-depth comparison of these three cloud players based on a list of 234 evaluation criteria. This criteria consists of features that are either required, preferred or optional for cloud providers to host enterprise workloads.

Three years ago, AWS was a clear leader, meeting 92% of what Gartner considers required criteria for enterprise-grade IaaS public cloud providers, whereas Microsoft was back at 75%. AWS held steady at 92% last year, but Microsoft jumped up to 88% and Google came in at a respectable 70%.

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Gartner estimates the IaaS market stood at $25.3 billion in 2016, on its way to a $45 billion market by 2018. With more and more workloads going to the cloud, and the top vendors being as competitive as they’ve been, deciding on which provider to go with isn’t getting any easier. This handy guide will outline the pros and cons of each provider and deliver tips about which one to go with.

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