Half of the top 100 retail sites had slow load times during AWS's S3 outage, vendor finds

4 retail websites were completely down, Apica found

Yesterday Amazon Web Services had a bad day. And when AWS has a bad day, so do a lot of other sites.

Vendor Apica is a website monitoring services that keeps a close eye on some of the top retail websites around the country. All in all, the retail website Apica tracks had trouble dealing with the elevated errors rates AWS reported in S3 starting around mid-day Eastern Time.

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The most common problem was not sites being completely unavailable, but rather very slow load time. Apica found that 54 of the top 100 retail sites it monitors were impacted, with an average decrease of 20% slower load time.

Who had it worst? Apica found three sites that were completely down during the four-hour disruption, including Express, Lulu Lemon, One Kings Lane.

disney store performance outage Apica

Monitoring vendor Apica's dashboard shows the load time for Disney's retail store, including the spike when AWS's S3 storage platform began experiencing errors (the red lettering). 

Other sites had extremely long load times. Disney, for example was 1,165% slower than it normally is to load; Target was 991% slower. Nike and Nordstrom were some of the other slowest sites during the disruption.

The outage impacted different sites different ways. Apple, for example didn’t see any slowdown in its retail site’s load time, but its cloud service was impacted by numerous errors, particularly in its iCloud service. Read more about Apica's analysis of the S3 disruption here

EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to incorrect information provided by Apica, Victoria's Secret was originally listed as a site impacted by the S3 disruption, but in fact, it was not so that company's name has been removed from this article. 


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