Meet the newest member of the RPi family: The Raspberry Pi Zero W

Bluetooth LE and 802.11n Wi-Fi for $10!

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The Raspberry Pi Zero, priced at $5, has been, to say the least, a hit. Launched in November 2015, the Zero is a tiny (65mm by 30mm by 5mm) stripped-down but well-featured single board computer with a 1GHz ARM11 core, 512MB of RAM, mini-HDMI with 1080p60 output, and a 40-pin GPIO header that's pin compatible with the A+, B+, and 2B models. The problem with the Zero was connectivity; with only a single micro USB port you had to add a USB hub to connect keyboad, mouse, Wi-Fi dongle, and so on making the total cost far less attractive.

To answer this issue, the Raspberry Pi Foundation just released the latest member of the RPi family: The Raspberry Pi Zero W which adds 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 support. It also includes the CSI camera connector that was added to the revised Raspberry Pi Zero board. All this for just $10.

Why does this matter? Because the added connectivity makes the Zero W an outstanding Internet of Things platform. It's the right size, the right price, and has the right features for all sorts of applications. Schools, makers, and industrial developers are going to have a field day with this device.

There's only one downside with this release: As with the launch of the original Raspberry Pi Zero, it's going to take some time for maunfacturing to catch up with what will undoubtedly be huge market demand for the new Raspberry Pi Zero W.

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