It pays to be a technology architect

Enterprise, data, IT and other architects in demand, according to new Glassdoor jobs report

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You seriously might want to consider negotiating to get the word "architect" in your title if you're a technology professional. About a quarter of the titles on the latest Glassdoor report on the highest paying jobs in America are tech architect roles.

Medical and legal professionals rank at the very top of the list, with physicians pulling down nearly $188K for a median base salary, based on information supplied by employees in the online job and recruiting marketplace's database. But tech jobs are well represented too, with Enterprise Architect, at #6, commanding a median base salary of $112,560 and more than 1,300 such jobs up for grabs in Glassdoor's listings (at least 100 salary reports needed to be shared for jobs to make this list).

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Other tech architects making a good living include IT architects ($105K median base salary), software architects ($105K), solutions architect (whoa, that's a vague description...but they get $102K), data architect ($102K) and systems architect ($98K).

Other tech jobs high on the list include applications development manager (#8, $112K), software engineering manager (#11, $109K) and IT program manager (#18, $98K). Software development manager was the top tech job listed in last year's results ($132K).

Overall, 11 tech jobs make up the top 25 highest paying jobs overall, with healthcare in second with 6 titles.

Alas, no sign of journalist on this list. Not that salary is everything of course.

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