Review: Slow Internet? Firebind can sniff out the problem

Firebind’s cloud-based monitoring tool is ideal for branch offices

slow internet

We found Firebind to be an effective tool for reaching into branch office networks to diagnose internet-based performance problems. Firebind has a simple agent installation procedure and uses email-based alerting, so network managers won’t find it a burden to install or operate.

And with a focus on network performance, including simulated VoIP calls from the agent to the internet, Firebind offers detailed statistics on internet performance that aren’t available from similar products.

The field of cloud-based monitoring tools is a crowded one, with dozens of vendors offering products with considerable overlap. Firebind aims at a very specific target: monitoring the quality of internet links at small businesses and branch offices with a minimum of management overhead.

To accomplish this, Firebind has the network manager install a small Java-based agent on a system in the branch office. Firebind doesn’t use SNMP or other existing statistics for its reporting; it runs tests from the agent towards the internet. The agent connects with the Firebind cloud, and then all management is handled from the cloud.

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