Network World Pi Day Challenge: How many digits of pi can you recite?

To celebrate Pi Day Cloud Chronicles author Brandon Butler and multimedia editor Keith Shaw competed to recite digits of Pi

Happy Pi Day! Here at Network World we take the holiday seriously. In years past we have provided tips of how to celebrate the 14th day on the third month of each year. (Pi is 3.14, so 3/14 is Pi Day, if you’re not in the know).

Well, this year we decided to do something a little different: The first ever Network World Pi Day Challenge. The premise is simple: Recite the most digits of Pi. Winner gets to pie the loser in the face. Multimedia editor Keith Shaw and I have been training for weeks, memorizing digits five at a time.

The competition was intense, but we acted rationally and recited our digits. But who knows more?

Check out the video to watch the showdown. (The reciting of digits actually begins around the 6-minute mark if you want to fast forward).

Big thanks to Network World News Editor Bob Brown who served as the referee of the challenge and our outstanding video crew.

Happy Pi Day. Now go eat some pie!

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