New iPhone 8 concept photos are jaw-dropping

New iPhone 8 concept photos are jaw-dropping
Adam Patrick Murray

We're about six months away from Apple unveiling the iPhone 8, and the excitement has only continued to mount with each passing month.

Of course, the big rumor surrounding Apple's next-gen iPhone is that it will feature an edge-to-edge display. In turn, it's widely believed that Apple has figured out a way to embed the Touch ID sensor into the display itself. However, as we'll get into later, the iPhone 8 release date may not actually happen until November.

That said, the main reason why everyone is so excited about the iPhone 8 is because Apple hasn't updated the current iPhone form factor since 2014's iPhone 6. Consequently, many current iPhone owners can't wait to get their hands on the first new iPhone design in nearly three years. While the ultimate design remains to be seen, that hasn't stopped some enterprising designers from churning out absolutely stunning iPhone 8 concepts that we can only hope will be similar to the real thing.

One of the more breathtaking iPhone 8 concepts we've seen yet comes from designer Gábor Balogh who recently imagined what an edgeless iPhone with a digital touch home button would look like.

As imagined below, the iPhone 8 would capture the surrounding scenery and blur it to create something akin to a see-through background effect. Also note how much more engrossing the UI is when it literally takes up nearly every square inch of the front-facing display.

iphone 8 concept Gábor Balogh

Over the past few weeks, we've seen quite a few rumors pointing to the iPhone incorporating some advanced augmented reality features. While nothing is for certain, some reports suggest that the iPhone 8 will be able to identify an object in focus and even detail pertinent information about said object. As the example below shows, imagine pointing your iPhone at a landmark and being able to learn about it in an instant.

iphone 8 concept 1 Gábor Balogh

And in perhaps the most stunning and intriguing iPhone 8 concept photo we've seen to date, we see how an iPhone equipped with advanced augmented reality might make ascertaining directions, even indoors, much more of an intuitive process. To this point, it's worth noting that Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly praised the long-term implications of AR-related technologies, even likening its potential to that of the smartphone just a few short weeks ago.

iphone 8 concept 2 Gábor Balogh

Lastly, pictured below is another example of what the UI on the iPhone 8 might look like. For even more awe-inspiring iPhone 8 concept photos, make sure to check out Balogh's full write-up over here. It's well worth a look.

iphone 8 concept 3 Gábor Balogh

Unfortunately, rumor has it that that Apple's iPhone 8, on account of its brand-new design, may not be released until November.

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