iPhone 8 may actually be called the 'iPhone Edition'

Apple's rumor mill sometimes works in mysterious ways. With Apple's next-gen iPhone, for example, a sketchy report that surfaced in mid-2016 claimed that Apple's upcoming iPhone was such a huge upgrade that Apple was going to skip the iPhone 7's nomenclature and simply call its 2017 iPhone the iPhone 8. And from there, the iPhone 8 naming convention stuck.

More recently, reports surfaced indicating Apple was still planning on releasing three brand-new iPhone models: an iPhone 7s, an iPhone 7s Plus, and a newly redesigned iPhone dubbed the iPhone 8. This, of course, never made much sense given that releasing an iPhone 8 alongside an iPhone 7s would not only cause widespread confusion, but it might also stifle overall iPhone sales. After all, who would want to buy an iPhone 7s when an iPhone 8 is already out on the market.

Not to fear, Apple seems to know what it's doing. In case you missed it, a report from Macotakara earlier this month relayed that Apple's flagship 2017 iPhone—the one with the edgeless OLED display—won't be called the iPhone 8, but rather the iPhone Edition. If accurate, this is a smart move on Apple's part given that the "Edition" moniker is a great way to differentiate its flagship and more margin-friendly iPhone model while not making the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus models seem like yesterday's news.

Also of note is the claim that the rumored iPhone Edition will launch a little bit later than the iPhone 7 and 7s, though we'll likely hear more rumblings about that from the rumor mill sooner rather than later.

As a final point, some additional iPhone Edition rumors we've seen point to enhanced internals, improved Siri functionality, facial recognition software and, last but not least, a new facial recognition technology that may be a part of Apple's big push into augmented reality.

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