Invisibility, teleportation among top superpowers that IT pros want

Meanwhile, IT pros are fighting the good fight vs. ransomware

Invisibility, teleportation among top superpowers that IT pros want
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Against my better judgment, I'm going to share a few tidbits from a vendor survey — one of those marketing schemes that have become the bane of my existence as a tech journalist (See: "Right back at you vendors: OUR independent study of YOUR independent research")

But I figured you'd want to know what superpowers your peers desire, since I'm sure that's a discussion you and your colleagues have had at some point or another (my superpower would be to dodge vendor survey pitches).

Here you go, all of you Wonder Woman and Ironman wannabes:

carbonite report Carbonite

The Carbonite report, done in conjunction with Spiceworks, is based on a survey of 150+ mid-market IT decision makers in the United States and Canada.

OK, while I'm at it, here are a few other bits of info from the report:

*Hardware deployment/maintenance, networking and email take up most of their time. IT pros say they need to spend next to no time on security and data storage/backup/recovery (OK, that last part isn't true, and oh by the way, Carbonite would be more than happy to help IT pros address those issues!).

*IT pros would love to spend more time modernizing technology and helping end users, though tend to get bogged down with a lot of routine maintenance and ticket documentation.

*Ransomware is a serious bummer, with more than a quarter of organizations surveyed saying they'd been hit with it. Though encouragingly, the majority of respondents said their organizations did not actually pay ransom to attackers. Rather, four out of five hit with ransomware said they just reformatted the infected device and restored from backup (if only there were a vendor that offered such technology....sigh).

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