iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: Button in the rear, true tone in front, inside Jony Ive's head

One iPhone 8 report has the Touch ID button heading to the back of Apple's smartphone

iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: Button in the rear, true tone in front, inside Jony Ive's head

Yeah, yeah, Samsung introduced the edge-to-edge and physical-home-buttonless Galaxy S8 Android smartphone this week. Now back to iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) rumors and design concepts...


A site called iDrop News (we have "obtained exclusive information from a source with intimate knowledge of Apple’s manufacturing facility") got iPhone 8 buzzers buzzing by posting concept designs of the next flagship Apple smartphone ("the iPhone Edition") with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, beneath the Apple logo. The idea seems to be that the bezel-less front won't allow for the fingerprint scanner there.

"We sincerely hope this bit of information doesn’t turn out to be factual, as Touch ID on the rear of the device certainly wouldn’t be revolutionary, and would prove to be severely inefficient for day-to-day use," iDrop News reports.

Picking up on this "sketchy report," 9to5Mac writes that if Apple were to put Touch ID on the phone's rear, this would be a copycat move: "Moving it to the back mirrors a common trend in the wider smartphone market; all modern Android phones put their fingerprint sensors on the back too."


MacRumors, citing a report from investment firm Barclay's, says Apple could be bringing the True Tune screen technology found in its 9.7-inch iPad Pro to the new iPhones. That would include the iPhone 7, 7s and 8 models.

True Tone goes with the flow by adapting how the screen looks to the lighting where you are viewing it (it works a little bit like the Night Shift feature that kicks in on iPhones at night now). It's all about being more natural whether you're using your iPhone in natural settings or not.


Now there's a phrase I've never thought to myself before. But Daniel Csonth, a product manager writing on the Medium blogging platform, has thought it through quite well.

He tries to channel how Jony Ive might really be approaching the iPhone 8 and assures the reader that there will be no asymmetry in Apple's design as there has been in competing products. The phone will be "one that is nothing but a display."

Csonth envisions a screen that is one big fingerprint reader and one big home button. The speaker system could be blended right into the display, or else be on the top and bottom rims of the phone, he writes.


Matt Birchler, writing at Birchtree.me, has mocked up his ideas on how Apple could re-imagine the iPhone home screen, allowing much more flexibility of where users could put their icons. Doesn't seem like too much to ask, does it?

Birchler writes: "The home screen is certainly more advanced than it was in 2007 in the first iteration of iPhone OS, but it has not grown at the same rate as the rest of the platform. This has caused significant fatigue from some users, especially those in the tech press, and Apple is overdue to make some serious changes to this basic UI."

He likes the idea of Apple allowing you to bring little bits of information (i.e., complications) like weather and stocks to the top of your home screen, like on Apple Watch.

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