31 tech pros share favorite IT products

Enterprise favorites bolster security and boost productivity

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Vicki Lyons, Prakash Kota, Julie Ulrich and David LeDoux

What's to like?

Every year we ask IT pros to share their favorite enterprise products, and every year we learn what it takes to win them over — including gear that saves time and money, bolsters security, and streamlines digital transformations. Read on to learn what 31 tech pros like best, in their own words.

mark street
Mark Street and VeloCloud

VeloCloud SD-WAN

Why it’s a favorite: “The VeloCloud product is incredibly easy to deploy and manage though a single portal, which makes the solution immensely scalable. The cloud control plane allows for consistent policies to be deployed to all edge devices, with the added benefit of edge override if needed. The cost is readily affordable and for us, cheaper than our current solution. Even without the direct cost benefit, these devices really deliver ROI."

"VeloCloud has helped us deliver reliable corporate services on less than desirable Internet circuits, among other things, enabling the business to quickly integrate new club acquisitions. This relates directly to availability of member-based services and operational efficiencies, which for a dues/membership-based business is huge. The IT department becomes a revenue driver, helping the business gain new members and grow available services.”

Years in IT: 20

Upcoming projects: “The rollout of VeloCloud to all our club locations, of course! We are going to be able to deliver solid QoS and application filtering, and blend existing corporate and member Internet connections, providing disaster recovery without the typical cost. As we grow and move further into our private/public cloud implementations, a solid network core is essential to our success.”

david ledoux
David LeDoux and Qumulo

Qumulo Core enterprise cloud storage

Why it’s a favorite: “Qumulo delivers flexible, fast and highly scalable storage and the real-time analytics necessary for visibility into our data usage. We also benefit from their agile approach to software updates where new features and improvements are delivered every two weeks, as opposed to monolithic releases that come out once in a blue moon. Week to week, things actually happen: new features are added, immediate fixes are rolled out. It’s exceptionally rare to see. Qumulo walks the walk. To top it off, the stellar performance Qumulo Core provides is cost-effective — which we love, because as a relatively small studio, we can’t afford to make huge investments in storage infrastructure.”

Years in IT: 10+

Upcoming projects: “We’re currently in the process of adding several more nodes to our Qumulo cluster to support data replication between our offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles.”

james plouffe
James Plouffe and Postdot Technologies

Postman API development toolset

Why it’s a favorite: “You know what most IT pros’ problem is? They’re not lazy enough. Seriously. What I love about Postman is how it lets me embrace my inner slacker and spread that laziness to my colleagues and partners. Since everything seems to be sprouting a REST API lately, the fact that Postman allows me to easily import API definitions (using specs like RAML, Swagger, and WADL, as well as less well-structured input like cURL commands) means I spend a lot less time creating API definitions manually. … Having helped me make short work of getting set up, Postman also offers a lot of functionality for automating testing. ... Postman will also generate code to call REST API endpoints in over a dozen popular languages to help me rapidly go from testing to implementation. Lastly, the Collections features let me curate API functionality and share the results with colleagues and partners. ... The kicker? It’s FREE. There is a Pro version which does have an associated cost (but does also offer some great additional features if you work on large teams), but if you spend any amount of time on REST APIs and aren’t already using this tool, it’s a steal at twice the price.”

Years in IT: 19

Upcoming projects: “We’re in the midst of a big harmonization/unification of our APIs across our on-premises and SaaS products, and I am pretty stoked about the improvements in flexibility and performance enhancements that are coming along with that work.”

julie ulrich
Julie Ulrich and Rubrik

Rubrik cloud data management

Why it’s a favorite: “We have been testing Rubrik for several months and are going live with it currently. It has made my life as backup administrator easier. With our prior backup software and hardware, I had to spend a lot of time babysitting it and keeping it running. Rubrik is more of a ‘set it and let it run’ solution. We also love the support response from Rubrik. One email and I usually have a response within hours and a fix that same day. Rubrik has also been very responsive to our needs. If we have an idea for a feature that is not there, they are quick to listen and understand our request. Then a solution is usually formed.”

Years in IT: 28

Upcoming projects: “I am excited about upcoming projects in storage and backups. We are running a Pure FlashBlade, and that gives us lots of new opportunities. And we have the switch to Rubrik. All exciting and new things to work on."

daniel basile
Daniel Basile and Vectra

Vectra cybersecurity platform

Why it’s a favorite: “There are very few tools that allow you to distil cybersecurity event information to a level where a tier-1 analyst can make a meaningful decision with the information presented to him within five minutes. If the tool can do this without agents, without signatures, and without logs, many people would claim disbelief. With Vectra, we are able to obtain this.”

Years in IT: 17 years in the cybersecurity field

Upcoming projects: “The most interesting will be the development of secure enclaves to protect classified and unclassified confidential research. These include heavy instrumentation and fully segmented enclaves for the researchers to work in. We are evaluating many different technologies and work very closely with the researchers to ensure we are building the systems that will work best for them and their research.”

howard ignal
Howard Ignal and Varonis

Varonis DatAdvantage file analysis and data security

Why it’s a favorite: DatAdvantage is the only product in this space that gives you a single window into your unstructured data. In that one interface I can see who has access to my data, where the data lives, what type of data it is, and how long it has been since it was touched. DatAdvantage also [addresses] key regulatory requirements through data classification, which digs into your files looking for personally identifiable information/sensitive business material. The interface is very easy to use for both technical and non-technical staff."

“Varonis in the first month identified four locations where sensitive data was being stored. These locations would never have been located without Varonis running. During the first six months of using Varonis we identified multiple ransomware attacks and stopped them with ZERO data loss.” 

Years in IT: 17

Upcoming projects: “We plan to expand Varonis into our Office 365 implementation so we can protect our offsite storage. Doing this will give us full view of our data on premises and in the cloud. This is very important to our organization.”

jonathan mierow
Jonathan Mierow and Code42

Code42 CrashPlan endpoint backup and restore platform

Why it’s a favorite: “We needed a backup/DR solution that would be easy to deliver, maintain and administer. It's been the easiest deployment we've done for our university. That is largely due to how the product works, and Code42's technical crew knowing how to deploy it in any environment."

"We provide laptops to all of our faculty and staff. As they have issues with broken hardware, or malware/viruses, it's easy for us to deploy a freshly imaged machine to them. With Code42, the faculty and staff know they can restore their own data as they need it. This alone has reduced calls to our help desk, as well as instilled confidence in our end users that the IT department is providing the right tools to protect their data. It can be difficult in higher education to get faculty and staff to buy into changes that IT would like to make, but after a brief explanation and some simple training, our users were off and running.”

Years in IT: 15

Upcoming projects: “This summer we'll be moving faculty and staff on campus to new laptops and desktops. Not only is this an opportunity to get some face time with individuals we rarely see, it allows us to make sure we're meeting the needs of our users.”

vicki lyons
Vicki Lyons and Jamf

Jamf Pro enterprise mobility management for Apple devices

Why it’s a favorite: “We use Jamf Pro as our device management solution for our 1:1 iPad program district-wide. As a result, we are driving student success with iPads and meeting their individual needs via personalized learning — something we weren’t able to previously do. Giving each student an iPad has really made a difference in their lives, especially for those who didn’t previously have technology at home."

"Using the self-service feature, our students had their devices up and running in less than 20 minutes, making our district-wide iPad rollout seamless. And once iPads are deployed, we’re able to collect dynamic inventory, reduce risks and protect resources, and ensure peace of mind with remote lock and wipe, automated patches, and reporting on backup status."

"With Jamf, we’ve been able to effectively implement iPads to enhance the learning experience, as well as regain valuable instructional time through improved classroom management … Our district has grown the program from 3,000 to more than 8,000 iPad and MacBook Air devices — all without having to increase our technical staff.”

Years in IT: 25

Upcoming projects: “I’m excited about being able to provide teachers with additional tools to create personalized learning experiences through deploying Apple Classroom supported by Jamf Pro using an iPad Pro for all our grade 5-8 students and teachers.”

bryan totten
Bryan Totten and Mist

Mist Systems wireless platform

Why it’s a favorite: “[Mist] provides an enterprise solution for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) infrastructure coupled with advanced analytics and machine learning technology. We leverage location of assets today using a traditional real-time locating system (RTLS). I am very excited about BLE being able to offer many additional clinical use cases around both wayfinding and asset tracking.”

Years in IT: 6

Upcoming projects: “I am most excited about the mobility space as the space is changing so rapidly.”

cameron forbes
Cameron Forbes and Apptivo

Apptivo office, project management, and communication software

Why it’s a favorite: “Apptivo has helped us smooth out a lot of the rough edges that exist in our business processes. We run a large and diverse portfolio of ERP, warehousing and other enterprise software. Apptivo’s architecture and adaptability has allowed us to simplify our business processes and gain efficiencies throughout our business – from customer setup to product QA and inventory management.”

Years in IT: 20+

Upcoming projects: “We’re moving our entire DR solution to the cloud, connected to a 40Gb backbone, using Red Hat Gluster and Amazon AWS on the back end. From a technology perspective, it’s exciting because of all the moving pieces required to set it up. It’s a chance to learn the latest and greatest technologies using a real-world situation that will reduce our backup and recovery times by over 80%.”

gil vidals
Gil Vidals and Array Networks

vxAG virtual secure access gateway

Why it’s a favorite: “We were looking for a VPN solution that would be fully supported and not simply an add-on to another device because we needed something that was actively updated and maintained since we were running into many compatibility issues with newer operating systems. We found that Array Networks had created a product dedicated to our exact needs. After deploying their vxAG device on our network, our support requests dropped by at least 25% due to its ease of use for the end user and compatibility with major operating systems. The device also had many options for two-factor authentication, which is important for us to ensure the utmost security of our HIPAA-compliant hosted services.”

Years in IT: 25

Upcoming projects: “We are looking at leveraging the Google cloud more because they are on the cutting edge in terms of new technology and security.”

aaron aldrich
Aaron Aldrich and VictorOps

VictorOps devops incident management and IT alerting platform

Why it’s a favorite: VictorOps delivers “awesome incident management services. On-call alerting, team separation, call re-routing, and all your on-call resources are available in one place if you want it. The chat-style timeline is excellent for dumping a quick timeline for a postmortem to revisit later. [I’m] able to call everyone on their on-call device from the app (no need to worry if you have the right phone numbers ahead of time). Transmogrification allows me to morph my alerts to be as effective as possible, and two-way integrations assure all my services are getting properly handled.”

Years in IT: 12

Upcoming projects: “There’s an upcoming IT analysis project for a long-standing client of ours that I’m really excited about. They’re turning a corner around restructuring their development teams for better devops practices. They’ve begun to understand how core to their business their IT operations are, and this is the first step towards really positioning them for greater growth. I’m excited to see a company with whom we have a great relationship begin to flourish even more.”

stefanie causey
Stefanie Causey and Jitterbit

Jitterbit Harmony cloud integration platform

Why it’s a favorite: “In a very short period, we were able to move from an on-premise, aged Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) environment for our business application platform to a best-of-breed, distributed, cloud application-focused platform using Jitterbit Harmony as our ETL solution. Our team was able to come up to speed on the platform very quickly, and we met an aggressive six-month implementation timeframe that included not only Harmony, but also an extension of Salesforce using Apttus CPQ for quoting, and NetSuite as our ERP platform. Without the solid Harmony platform being as easy to learn as it is, we never would have hit our timelines. We have been able to eliminate hours of manual batch data processes, implement a 360-degree process that allows the full lifecycle from quoting to service entitlements to be fully automated, and speed up our entire quote-to-cash process, all using Jitterbit as the core engine of the process.”

Years in IT: 20+

Upcoming projects: “We are currently in the midst of decommissioning the last remaining pieces of our Oracle EBS environment – the historical data – by building out a best-of-breed enterprise data warehouse on Azure platform-as-a-service cloud, using SQL Server and Power BI as our database and data visualization toolset. Again, Jitterbit is also at the core of this project and is enabling us to get the necessary data out to the data warehouse quickly.”

daniel acosta
Daniel Acosta and Calabrio

Calabrio ONE workforce optimization suite

Why it’s a favorite: “From call recording and scoring to forecasting, scheduling, analyzing, benchmarking, desktop monitoring, chat, email… we live in a world that revolves around omni-channel communications, and to have a tool that can evolve with and support your business in a way that helps you be proactive, and capture the entire customer experience, and provide you with the right data – these are just some of the perks you get with the Calabrio ONE tool.”

“I have been using Calabrio for about seven years now, and two of the biggest areas that have always seen a benefit from Calabrio have been staffing and quality. Being able to know if you really need x amount of agents, or if you don’t have enough… we were able to manage a growing call volume without having to insert too much staff into the mix if it was not necessary. On the quality side, being able to use the evaluation tools, real time, and post-call desktop monitoring, helped us give our agents the right tools to be able to assist our callers in a higher quality and more efficient way.”

Years in IT: 10

Upcoming projects: Multi-cluster redesign; Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) to Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (Packaged CCE) migration; and Calabrio ONE implementation at Houston Methodist.

deon cravalho
Deon Cravalho and Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs automated application-testing platform

Why it’s a favorite: “Since coming to Bleacher Report a few years ago, I was first introduced to Sauce Labs. In my previous IT employment jobs, I had always managed my own set of virtual machines (VM); it was a good learning experience, but it took up so much of my time dealing with software updates, reboots, troubleshooting, etc. Managing my own farm of VMs was consuming too much of my time. Since being introduced to Sauce Labs and using their VMs, my work life has improved as I'm able to spend more time building front-end/back-end testing tools. Likewise, Sauce Labs uptime has been great; I don't recall a time that Sauce Labs has been down and impacted myself in any way. Their [intention] to have virtually every combination of operating systems and browsers is great – we can pick and choose what we want to run against when we run our automated tests.”

Years in IT: 15+

Upcoming projects: “My front-end automated tests run against Sauce Labs. I'm excited about my back-end automated tests now running in Elixir (which do not need VMs, so Sauce Labs is not needed in this case).”

josh atwell
Josh Atwell and Docker

Docker for Mac

Why it’s a favorite: Docker on macOS has been a great tool for me to quickly launch different applications on my system with little fuss and management. Having the Docker engine running natively on macOS allows me to avoid dealing with dependencies or lengthy installation processes. Docker Hub and the Docker Store make it extremely simple to get the applications I need running on my system with little effort."

"Individually it has helped me remove time in running applications on my system. Additionally, I spend less time managing virtual machines running on my system, which also consume valuable and limited resources. As a vendor it helps us deliver applications and tools more effectively.”

Years in IT: 15

Upcoming projects: “Most excited about the continuing growth in devops adoption and implementation. The efforts to automate and streamline IT and development better align with the needs of the business.”

kristjan geir mathiesen
Kristjan Geir Mathiesen and SugarCRM


Why it’s a favorite: “As an admin, SugarCRM is highly customizable and therefore very powerful, easy to customize, awesome workflow machine. As a user, it’s easy to use, fast, great dashboards and widgets, intuitive. [It’s] much easier to gather 360° view on the customer and provide that info to employees, which in turn are serving the customer in a tailored and better fashion.”

Years in IT: 24

Upcoming projects: “Further integration of SugarCRM, probably with Box.com and MailChimp.”

larry shatzer
Larry Shatzer and Splunk

Splunk Enterprise operational intelligence platform

Why it’s a favorite: “I no longer have to write complicated Perl/Python/shell/grep commands to parse log files to pull out information from them. Being able to apply ‘schema at search time’ has been helpful in unlocking business value from log files that are collected from in-house-built apps, vendor log files, a relational database, sensor data for IoT-type things, or anywhere really. We have used Splunk a lot to help find improvements in our lab process, find faulty machines, and replace parts to avoid costly rework.”

Years in IT: 20

Upcoming projects: “Applying machine learning toolkit provided by Splunk to start to apply machine learning to our log files for things like predictive maintenance for machines in our labs.”

mark whisler
Mark Whisler and Cloud Elements

Cloud Elements API integration platform

Why it’s a favorite: “My company works with large associations and non-profits, and integrations are hot right now. I found Cloud Elements almost 2 years ago, and they have become an integral part of our professional services and product offerings. … Every year, associations ask for more integrations, faster and cheaper. Cloud Elements is able to reduce the time and effort required to provide those solutions to my clients. By consolidating complex APIs into a single endpoint and leveraging custom objects, mappings and transformations, I can deliver higher quality solutions in less time. Happiness abounds.”

Years in IT: 16

Upcoming projects: “Gravitate Solutions' new data aggregation product offering, Nucleus, is picking up momentum in the marketplace. By partnering with Cloud Elements, we’re able to add key integrations at a rapid cadence, reduce onboarding time and scale up accordingly. In fact, I’ve trained my team to ask, ‘Hey, is there a Cloud Elements for that?’ whenever a new integration opportunity presents itself.”

matthew henderson
Matthew Henderson and SolarWinds

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager

Why it’s a favorite: SolarWinds’ Network Configuration Manager makes backing up configurations from hundreds of our network devices a snap; allows us to easily search through all our device configurations for a search string we are looking for; and makes pushing bulk changes out to devices very simple. Before we had this tool and we had a device get corrupted, we had to rebuild a config from scratch or hope someone had saved it to their laptop. Now we have a central location for all configurations, both historical and current, and rebuilding a router or firewall takes only a couple minutes. We also can compare historical to current configs to determine if a configuration change caused a problem, something we were unable to do previously.”

Years in IT: 5

Upcoming projects: “I’m excited about an upcoming data center refresh project that we will be undertaking next year.”

paul feilmeier
Paul Feilmeier and Nasuni

Nasuni enterprise storage and file services

Why it’s a favorite: “Nasuni’s technology met all of our PACS [picture archiving and communication system] storage needs with how they are able to archive, backup and then replicate our data geo-redundantly. We went from three different technologies down to one. With Nasuni, we reduced our RTO [recovery time objective] down to minutes instead of multiple hours. Not only was the technology a great solution for our organization, but we were able to quickly show the financial rewards by not having to continuously purchase onsite storage for our SAN. We now can scale our storage within minutes with Nasuni.”

Years in IT: 17

Upcoming projects: “Continue the evolution of our disaster recovery and business continuity technology, processes and procedures by becoming more integrated with cloud virtualization and storage technologies.”

philip grabowski
Philip Grabowski and Paessler

Paessler PRTG network monitor

Why it’s a favorite: “Within minutes you can begin monitoring your network and get a visual on the topology. Immediately you can start researching problems on your network and fix them."

"I use PRTG in a botnet lab to show students an attack from a Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC), which creates a denial-of-service on the domain controller. We are also monitoring traffic in the botnet lab to detect if client machines are downloading torrents. Students get hands-on experience using the product in the classroom without fear of harming a production environment. This provides confidence in the product in the field.”

Years in IT: 25+

Upcoming projects: “Upcoming projects that I see with the school are collaborating across multiple disciplines to include a robotics program, starting with a class called the Internet of Things. I also see upcoming projects working with the school’s medical department to include things like nursing forensics.”

prakash kota
Prakash Kota and CloudGenix

CloudGenix ION software-defined WAN

Why it’s a favorite: “CloudGenix unifies our connectivity by allowing all our offices, including remote small offices, to be connected together in a mesh network through the internet, instead of some through hub sites, and it provides better performance overall and meets our business internet requirements. It increases the access speed and performance of our enterprise applications, which in turn provide our end users more efficiency and make them more productive. CloudGenix will [speed] the deployment time of internet connectivity for future new Autodesk sites and provide our business with internet access in days versus months by reducing the connectivity requirements and allowing Autodesk to utilize commodity services such as purchasing internet circuits [instead of] MPLS hardware.”

Years in IT: 15

Upcoming projects: “I am big on automation. I have a rule that any activity that must be done more than once should be automated. It is easy in large organizations for us to fall into the inefficiencies created by manual processes. The only way a nearly $20 billion organization competes with startups is by relentlessly automating – this drives efficient usage of resources, and [lets us] focus on the most business impacting activity.”

thomas hesse
Evolve IP

Evolve IP virtual server hosting and managed disaster recovery as a service

Why it’s a favorite: “The ability to leverage an experienced team if and when server or network issues arise is a great advantage for me. I have a small IT group and therefore limited resources. It also gives me and my senior leadership the peace of mind knowing corporate data is secure and recoverable in a private cloud environment. [Evolve IP's virtual server hosting and managed disaster recovery as a service] has allowed me and my IT team the time to focus on research and development of technology that helps BRIDGE Housing grow as a business. We do not need to worry about managing, maintaining, or protecting our network servers or corporate data.”

Years in IT: 25

Upcoming projects: “BRIDGE Housing has properties throughout California, Portland and Seattle, which creates a very dispersed network of PC hardware and software for the IT team to manage and administer. The virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) project could radically change the way we manage hardware and software at our properties.”

ziv maor
Ziv Maor and Demisto

Demisto Enterprise incident management platform

Why it’s a favorite: “Demisto allows me to utilize my resources and my security products. By automating many of the security operations’ tasks, and by following well-defined playbooks and managing the cases for me, Demisto Enterprise allows us to do a lot more. Demisto orchestrates and automates the products and the procedures.”

Years in IT: 17

Upcoming projects: "I am very excited about a series of initiatives for building our SOC 2.0"

yagnesh patel
Yagnesh Patel and PingIdentity

PingIdentity’s PingID multi-factor authentication

Why it’s a favorite: PingID multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a ‘strong’ authentication solution that enables users to authenticate to applications using multiple factors. It provides the perfect balance of user experience and security. Ping ID provides a mobile app that enables this balance for users."

"With Ping ID MFA, our team was able to enable our employees to seamlessly and securely authenticate to SaaS applications via a swipe on their phone, biometrics on their phone, or via a one-time passcode delivered by voice and SMS. Our IT team was also able to remove the existing RSA token solution, which was hard to administer and required expensive hardware tokens that need to be issued, shipped, revoked and maintained.”

Years in IT: 22

Upcoming projects: Expanding our IT infrastructure to AWS

gary cifatte
Gary Cifatte and Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi integration platform as a service

Why it’s a favorite: Dell Boomi’s system gives us full visibility into every EDI transaction throughout its lifecycle from the moment it hits the cloud until we process, ship and invoice the order. In the past we relied on third-party providers, teams of data entry personnel, and 24/7 manual monitoring and intervention to ensure nothing was lost or dropped. Now a team of three manages the entire process. Additionally, with full control of the entire process as well as monitoring, onboarding new partners is now a 2-3 week integration process rather than taking months! The cost savings alone are amazing, both in monthly fees and payroll. The fact that we operate at 99.9% efficiency and accuracy not only imparts confidence internally and with our partners, but also permits staff previously dedicated to monitoring to undertake new efforts and advance the company.”

Years in IT: 30

Upcoming projects: “Expanding our operations to more than one shipping location as well as onboarding new strategic partners each month is exciting for us as we expand and are able to reach more consumers. With the detailed information we receive for each order, and the real time processing of these orders, we can route, fulfill and ship same day, and in some cases, deliver same day as well now.”

gavin rosenberg
Gavin Rosenberg and Globalscape

Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer

Why it’s a favorite: Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) is a powerful managed file transfer platform that enables organizations to securely transfer data among worldwide offices, clients and partners with automation. EFT features quick and intuitive setup with a flexible modular system so you can scale and customize the features to meet your specific requirements. With the addition of EFT Cloud Services and EFT on AWS and Azure, we expect to see more of our users migrate to this model, making their environment even more efficient.”

Years in IT: 30

Upcoming projects: “We are working with a company with 20+ retail locations that presently has a legacy managed file transfer system. They are experiencing issues with their credit card processing and the exchanging of files with their distribution center. We are confident that with the installation of EFT, data will be moved efficiently, eliminating the headaches that they are experiencing.”

gregory zolkos
Gregory Zolkos and Peak 10

Peak 10 data centers

Why it’s a favorite: Peak 10 data centers – we colo hundreds of clients’ devices and our own infrastructure with them. The infrastructure is extremely dependable, for the team is phenomenal. From management and sales to technical support, they always deliver. We are able to focus on our core competency as an MSP, which is service, while they maintain the infrastructure.”

Years in IT: 20

Upcoming projects: “Adding another half-rack to Peak 10 to support a longterm client. Very unique opportunity to leverage VM, Citrix and high-end video processors in a VDI solution to allow our client to have a centralized system running AutoCAD 3D.”

tom gardner
Tom Garner and Archive360

Archive360's Archive2Azure managed cloud archive

Why it’s a favorite: Archive2Azure has provided a fast and seamless method for moving our archived data to the cloud. We have found it to be completely reliable and error-free. It’s nice to have a product that actually delivers as promised. With our archive data moved to the cloud, we have been able to eliminate previous challenges we faced around scalability and performance inherent in legacy archiving systems, while at the same time improving legal and regulatory preparedness."

"Our file system and archiving storage resources were growing at a staggering rate – driving management costs and hardware consumption through the roof. By using Archive2Azure we were able to quickly and compliantly migrate our unstructured data to a much lower cost cloud infrastructure. Now we have confidence that we can scale as needed to retain all of our valuable data without risking legal or compliance exposure."

Upcoming projects: “Currently, we are working and making great strides with a new social media database platform that will be introduced to the risk industry. We are also moving into the video storage business.”

shawn long
Shawn Long and Cohesity

Cohesity DataPlatform secondary storage data consolidation

Why it’s a favorite: Cohesity is a solid secondary storage workhorse … This product excites me the most because it’s easy to deploy and has a very low learning curve for my staff. The speed of deployment provides overall cost savings and increased automation effectiveness … This ease of use also helps drive rapid service innovation. The Cohesity product, designed with next-generation technologies, helps support our business architecture and deliver turnkey solutions at the speed of digital business, which drives value for our customers.”

Years in IT: 22+

Upcoming projects: “At viLogics, we are working with Cohesity’s global CTO, Rawlinson Rivera, who is advising us on the final stages of our service to offer design and implementation of a next-generation, web-scale enterprise private cloud infrastructure that will deliver the best performance, security, data management and storage resources for our current and future customers.”

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