IT Resume Makeover

IT Resume Makeover: Transitioning from IT pro to IT leader

Making the move from IT professional to IT leader takes a different set of skills. The same type of pivot is necessary with how you approach your resume.

Once you reach the senior level of your career, the time comes where you need to change how you approach the resume writing process. As a seasoned professional in a leadership role, you need to focus less on your technical skills and more on defining your value proposition.

This month's IT Resume Makeover candidate, John Crichton (name changed for this article) has worked his way up the corporate ladder to the role of senior IT director. But after years in the industry, he says it was difficult to transform "a long, successful career -- currently detailed in four to five pages -- into a structured, brief and comprehensive two-page resume."

J.M. Auron, a global IT careers expert, resume writer and owner of Quantum Tech Resumes, took on the task of helping Crichton streamline his resume. His main objective quickly became highlighting Crichton's accomplishments and shortening the length of the document.

Ditch your narrative

One of the biggest issues Auron found with Crichton's resume is that it was written as a narrative. Auron says that this narrative style can be seen in "I did" phrases, which can come off as "unprofessional," and add unnecessary length to your resume.

Instead, build a story around a central focus. In this case, the focus became including "active language" and using a "challenge, action and results" strategy, says Auron. He achieved this by digging into Crichton's career history to move past a "procedural" approach of listing skills and work experience to highlighting proven accomplishments.

"When we spoke, I focused strongly on helping him clarify his value proposition and accomplishments," says Auron.

When applying for any job, there's a good chance every qualified candidate will list the same laundry list of skills. Listing challenges you've faced in the workplace, and how your skills and expertise directly impact

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