Apple orders 92 million OLED panels from Samsung for iPhone 8

Speaking to the immense demand Apple is forecasting for the iPhone 8, the Cupertino, California-based company recently inked a deal for a whopping 92 million OLED panels from Samsung.

While reports from earlier in the week pegged Apple's OLED order in the 70 million range, a more recent from Digitimes relays the figure has since been bumped up.

"Based on the contract," the report notes. "Samsung Display will ship 70-92 million small-size OLED panels to Apple in 2017. ... This means that about 30 percent of iPhone devices shipped in 2017 will come with curved OLED panels, given that Apple currently ships about 200 million iPhone devices a year."

Hardly a surprise—many analysts anticipate that the iPhone 8 will anchor the largest iPhone upgrade cycle in history. Not only will the iPhone 8 introduce a long-overdue change to a form factor that has largely remain stagnant since 2014, but the current pool of iPhone owners in the market for an upgrade is larger today than it's ever been before. Taken together, demand for the iPhone 8 will presumably be off the charts.

Prepare for iPhone sales records to be set

Said to feature a 5.2-in. display within a form factor similar to the current 5.5-in. iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 will be a flagship device all across the board. With improved battery life, wireless charging and an advanced 3D camera system, it's not outside the realm of comprehension to imagine the iPhone 8—in unison with the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus—smashing every existing iPhone sales record set to date.

While OLED panels aren't new to the smartphone industry, the iPhone 8 will mark the first time Apple has embraced the technology. OLED technology features more vibrant and rich colors, not to mention improved power efficiency, but it's also prone to colors dulling over time. Presumably, Apple has addressed this shortcoming ahead of the iPhone 8 release date.

Speaking of which, the most recent rumblings from the rumor mill points to the highly anticipated devices arriving on store shelves sometime between October and November. As we noted earlier this week, Apple is reportedly experiencing a few minor manufacturing issues regarding the OLED lamination process and the incorporation of the aforementioned 3D cameras.

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